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The Muse brand of cat food belongs to the Purina family of brands. Purina got its start in 1893 as the Ralston Purina Company by selling farm animal feed. It grew quickly, however, and came to include a line of pet food products as well. The Ralston Purina Company was acquired by Nestle in 2001 in a merger that produced what is now known as the Nestle Purina Petcare Company. This is the same company that produces other cat food brands like , Deli-Cat, , and Felix as well as dog food brands like Alpo, Mighty Dog, Beneful, and Beggin’ Strips. The Nestle Purina Petcare Company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri but has operations all over the world. According to the Purina website, however, 99% of all Purina products that are sold in the USA are also made in the USA.

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Hi Kirsti, we’re not a veterinary practice so have to urge you to take the advice of your vet. With your cat being diabetic I assume you’re looking to feed a high protein/low carb food, perhaps wet rather than dry? Whether a cat with kidney failure requires a low protein/low phosphorous diet is a controversial subject and can be regarded as myth. In our opinion you’re better off finding a food with a protein source that is highly digestible, such as a lean chicken or turkey meat. Cats are carnivores and by nature seek a high protein diet. However, if you do wish to feed a lower protein diet then most good brands (Fromm, Candidae, Artemis, AvoDerm, Wellness, etc) offer a lower protein food. Look for anything under 22% approximately.

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Jump to Recommended Brands for Wet Cat Food - Food, Price, Nutrition, Rating. ZiwiPeak Daily-Cat Cuisine Venison Canned Cat Food I feed my two Labrador Retrievers (age 11 & 15) Evanger's canned food twice daily. They love the chunky chicken casserole and the hunk of beef varieties. My 15 year old dog's bloodworm and overall health is remarkable for a dog of his age. I have three cats, one of which is overweight. I feed them Evanger's pheasant kibble and different varieties of the against the grain cat food in both the tubs and the cans. My big guy has lost some weight and all three cats yell at me if I forget to give them their canned food before I feed the dogs in the evening. I'm grateful to have a pet food company that I can trust with the health of my animals and the proof is really in how much all five of them live and are thru I got on Evanger's foods. Great company. Wish there were more like them out there.

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I had a cat a number of years back that had kidney problems and the vet recommended that she drink more water. In addition to adding wet food to her diet, she made the suggestion of getting a cat fountain as the running water can encourage a cat to drink more. I bought a Drinkwell fountain and it has made a great difference over the years. That cat has been gone for some years now but the fountain is still going strong (on it’s 2nd pump) and has now been used on four cats and is getting used by a number of dogs now in the household. Just thought I’d pass that on for consideration. There are a number of other brands out there, my suggestion is to check how easy it is to get replacement filters (important) and pumps (if replacements are available… I keep an extra on hand in case they ever stop offering them).

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