It uses radio waves to monitor, track, and locate pets over 10 pounds

Ever wonder where your cat goes when he leaves the house? It might surprise you that he probably stays pretty close to home. A two-year study via the University of Illinois—purportedly the largest, most extensive project of its kind—showed pet cats patrol an average area of nearly 5 acres. (Feral cats worked swaths as large as 1,351 acres.) Scientists cataloged their movements via sophisticated tracking collars. You can electronically track your cat with similar devices, including GPS and radio collars. You won't get detailed data but, when your cat is unaccounted for, commercial tracking technology can help you find him or give you peace of mind by telling you he's near. An identification microchip is a good backup, too.

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What makes petTracer unique:
- just over 20 grams weighs the same as any regular collar, fully weatherproof and skin-friendly collar, high comfort level for cats, one-click safety buckle to prevent cats from getting strangled, long battery life, protects your cat from permanent exposure of potentially harmful mobile phone radiation as it operates independently of mobile phone networks and uses safe radio transmission technology having a radiation level that is 100 times below that of standard mobile phone networks, keeps a constant record of a cat's tracks and even enables the owner to find his cat in places with bad GPS-reception or none at all.

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Jan 7, 2011 - Pros and cons of using a GPS versus a radio-tracking device for finding a lost .. A GPS cat tracking collar is equipped with a GPS chip. That chip sends a signals to a GPS tracker using satellites. If your cat goes missing, the cat's location shows up on the GPS computer map. Using thisinformation, you can drive, hike or walk to the cat's location for recovery. Using a cell phone or tracking unit receiver, you can keep track of your cat's movements while getting to his location. While radiotrackers usually have a range of a few hundred feet, GPS systems can track a pet miles away.

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The LoCATor radio tracking system is often recommended by pet care professionals. First, the unit's retail price averages $100 making it affordable. In addition, it has a 400 foot range, comes with two tags that are easily attached to your pet's current collar. The handset receiver offers both audio and visual signals alerting you to your pet'slocation. If you purchase additional tags, you can track up to four cats using this radio tracking system.

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