Colorful Rabbit Fur Mouse Wire Steel Cage Ball Cat Toys

Set of 5 - Rabbit fur is in shades of natural brown & natural grey (un-dyed rabbit fur). I hand make all my cat toys, I use rabbit fur for body, feathers for tail, non-toxic glue and hemp cord. My cats carry these toys around in their mouths, brings out the hunter in them. Furry body is 1.5" - 2.5" wide/2" - 3" long with feathers toy is 5" - 6" tall. Cat tested and cat approved.

10 Realistic White Mice Cat Toys with Real Rabbit Fur * For more information, visit image link.

Harry – the cat toy with a Wild Head of Hair.
I named this toy Harry because each one has a unique way the fur looks like hair over their face. I sell these cat toys in a set of 5 (because one is never enough) These toys come in natural grey and brown colors. I hand make all my cat toys. For this toy I use rabbit fur for body, one piece of soft deer hide for face and tail, I use a non-toxic glue and tie toy with hemp cord to make toy sturdy for ruff play. My cats carry these toys around in their mouths, brings out the hunter in them. Furry body is 2″ to 2.5″ wide/long. The 5 toys come in a plastic bag with a Whiskers ‘n Paws label ready to give as a gift or keep for your cats. Cat tested and cat approved. Makes a great gift for your cat or the cat lover in your life.

Rabbit Fur Cat Toys The Best For Kids

2pcs/lot Soft Rabbit Fur False Mouse Cat Toys Funny Candy Color Dog Toys My cat is super-picky about the toys she plays with, and will only play with those that "feel" real (i.e., like another fur bearing animal). As it's getting more and more difficult to find toys that use rabbit fur, I was so grateful to find these. She loves them!

Rabbit Fur Ball Cat Toy The Best Toys For Kids

A new twist on a classic and favorite cat toy. Our real rabbit fur pom poms on a
string. These soft fluffy fur cat toys are attached to a elastic string with a
plastic ring attached. Can hang them on a doorknob, or put on your finger and
pull along the floor. Cats love to attack and enjoy the interactive play with

Real Rabbit Fur Cat Toys Uk The Best For Kids

These fun cat toys are made of 100% Rabbit Fur and with a new design gives them more weight. More fun to throw or bat around. Only in Natural Color, these Pom Pom Cat Toys measure about 2 inches in diameter. Cats think that these are real!These furry natural colored real rabbit fur Weasels are your cats delight! Great exercise for your cat! They love to chase, toss and carry these guys around. The Kats’n Us Cats have field tested these toys for you. Since these toys look so real our cats play with them like they would with a real mouse. This brings out their hunting instincts. They toss them around even rabbit kick them which is great exercise. The large size is a great benefit if you are having lost toys under furniture. Our Kats’N Us staffers have played with them till they are beyond recognition but have never ate them like real mice. Safety first! All cats whether they are indoors, outdoors or both need exercise, human contact and stimulation. Make these Dat Darn Weasels a part of their cat toy selection.Cats love toys. They all have their favorites. It can be a sparkle ball, a glitter ball, mice, catnip, even a piece of string. When it comes to mice, this toy is at the top of the list. We have found that some cats like the rattle inside and then there are cats that have to have the rattle. We decided to offer both. Of course all the mice we offer are made with a soft plastic body surrounded by Real Rabbit fur. You can’t have enough!We offer popular Cat Toys that stand the test of time. Our toys have been around for a long time and can be hard to find. They are durable, fun, long lasting and great exercise for your cat. We also combined our popular cat toys into fun packages. Choose a kit that has Teaser Wands, Fur Mice, Catnip and more. Easy to ship and great for that favorite Cat Lover.