Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box, Extra Large, Purple.

After your cat enters the litter tray, the infrared sensors detect its presence and only begins the self cleaning process after a 20 minute countdown after your cat has left the tray. The ScoopFree then automatically starts its raking process, pushing any solid waste into the closed compartment at the front of the litter box (the purple section). Any liquid waste is absorbed by the silica crystals in the disposable tray. The ScoopFree litter tray is advertised to be able to last up to a month for a single cat, but depending on the amount of urine released by your cat, the crystals may have already absorbed its maximum capacity of liquid waste, and you'll notice the odor coming out from the box. The cardboard used for the litter tray is water resistant, however if the crystals are not able to absorb any more liquid, you may find yourself with pee leaking out of the litter trays. Therefore, once you start noticing that most of the crystals are yellow, its time to change the litter tray. The litter trays come with a cardboard cover as well, so that it doesn't make a mess when you throw it into the bin.

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Put down the scoop! You don’t have to see, touch or smell unpleasant cat waste again when you choose the ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. This self-cleaning litter box takes care of all the messy work, so cleaning cat litter boxes will become a thing of the past. Lugging heavy litter, scooping up waste and trying to get rid of unpleasant odors all make managing cat litter boxes a hassle for pet parents. The ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box takes all of these chores off your hands. Just load a disposable litter tray into this automatic cat litter box and leave it for weeks at a time. After your cat steps out of the automatic cat litter box, a rake automatically sweeps waste into a covered trap, leaving the box clean and fresh. You can choose to delay the rake by 5, 10 or 20 minutes after your cat leaves the box. After a few weeks of use, all you have to do is throw away the litter tray and add in a fresh one. The automatic cat litter box does the rest of the work. The ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box also comes with a range of accessories and features that make it even more convenient for you and your furry feline. A privacy hood gives your cat solitude and helps contain litter. Each disposable tray is made with a plastic lining that specifically works to prevent leaks. One of the best new features of these cat litter boxes is a health counter that tracks how often your cat uses the litter box. A quieter motor will also help the litter box be more welcome in your home. The recyclable packaging is just one more bonus for those who care about limiting their environmental footprint. A ScoopFree self-cleaning litter box can save you from one of a pet parent’s most unpleasant chores. Bring this litter box into your home so you can spend more time playing with your purrfect kitty.

PetHupHup Kitty Cat Litter Box - Color: Purple/White.

3071 Color : Royal Purple Features: Cat litter box.-100% Recycled materials.-Uses any self clumping kitty litter.-Great for single By automatically cleaning away the waste after every litter box visit, the box stays clear, odor is reduced or contained, and cats are guaranteed to always have fresh opportunities to legally leave their mark. An automatic litter box may be your cat's purr-fect solution!

Easy Clean Cat Litter Box (Purple) and Scratching Post Bundle - Kmart

Many companies recommend that you purchase one box per cat. For tradtional litter boxes, this is sound advice. But automatic litter boxes are always filled with clean litter, so this isn’t as much of an issue. The only thing multiple cats really affect is how often you’ll need to change the litter box, just the same as you do now. The litter box will function just fine–although if your cats really like it, they might start fighting over it!

Easy Clean Cat Litter Box (Purple) and Scratching Post Bundle.