Nestle Purina Pet Care Pro NP15019 Cat Chow Indoors 6 - 3.1 lbs.

Both of my cats disliked Purina Cat Chow Naturals Indoor. They ate only a couple of mouthfuls, then left it. I store their food in sealed containers, so it was not spoiled. I've tried the Naturals a couple of times, but this past month convinces me that they really don't like it. They do fine with regular Cat Chow or Purina One.

My cats enjoy every kind of Purina Cat Chow, except for this one. They refuse to eat it.

I have several indoor cats so I tried this new formula. My cats did not like the taste and some even threw up in protest. Went back to original formula, though now I wish that Purina had not changed that formula either. My cats do not like the new formula for the cat chow complete either.

Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula - 18.5lb

Purina Cat Chow Naturals Indoor Plus Vitamins & Minerals Cat Food 3.15 lb. Bag I have two cats--and one has digestive issues. I have always been a Purina fan, but I have to say this particular formula is the best one we have tried so far. My younger cat gets loose stools on a fairly regular basis, so we have tried quite a lot of different diets for her, and different brands of cat food--but she has really taken to the Purina Indoor Cat formula, and she doesn't have nearly as many sick days as she used to. It would be ideal if the vet could figure out why she gets sick in the first place--but no luck so far *sigh*. On this cat food, she has fewer watery stools, less mucus, and they don't smell nearly as bad.

Quality of Ingredients
One of the things I have always liked about Purina is how well made their cat food is. My cats' coats are always thick, soft and shiny, they have a lot of energy, and even my younger cat (the one with digestive issues) has much fewer problems with Purina in general.

Flavor Selection
Purina has enough flavor choice even in the dry varieties that I can give my cats a change of taste on a regular basis, so they don't get "bored". As a matter of fact, I change flavors less often with Purina cat food, because they don't seem to mind eating the same flavor all the time. I do wish Purina offered more flavor variety in their indoor cat food formula, or within categories in general, but at least my cats are happy.

Purina Cat Chow Indoor Wet Cat Food - 6.3lb bag

I searched for months for a good brand and good specific food choice for my indoor cat. 1. He is picky with his foods. 2. He's always been on some sort of purina type. 3. He instantly loved this one! His fur looks great, he acts great, still plays and is healthy as can be! So happy to have finally found a great food choice for him and one specifically designed for his indoor self!

Purina Cat Chow Naturals Indoor TV Spot, 'Jake'

I purchased this product in a hurry from the store and realized I had accidentally purchased the wrong one; however, to my surprise my (indoor) cats loved the food! This is a great product, and I recommend to any indoor cat owners! When we rescued Zia, the shelter had her eating Science Diet, after doing my own investigating, i opt for Purina's Natural Indoor Cat Food. I was very pleased!!! My Zia can not get enough, if she hears the sound of the morsels she will run straight to her bowl. Absolutely love her response to this food. purina is the best for cats and dogs. It has the nutrients the animals need and a taste they love. The indoor formula is awesome in helping with hairballs. I recommend this to anyone that has a cat. A: Inside every bag of Purina Cat Chow you'll find a selective blend of protein, fat, and fiber. Everything we use in our premium cat food formulas has a place in your cat's healthy diet.