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File these felines under the “Most Popular” superlative in the purebred cat yearbook. Boasting both beauty and brains, these breeds are at the top of their class.

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You might say the American Shorthair is one of the founding fathers of purebred cats. After all, the breed was one of the original five registered in the U.S. in 1906. In 1966, fanciers renamed the breed from Domestic Shorthair to capture their all-American essence. Good-natured and laidback, American Shorthairs are lovey-dovey without being over the top. Their classic good looks include an average-sized body type, sweet expression and a coat that comes in an array of patterns and colors.

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From Abyssinian to Siamese, file these felines under the “Most Popular Cat Breeds” superlative in the purebred cat yearbook. Boasting both beauty and brains, these breeds are at the top of their class.

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April 11 is National Pet Day. To celebrate, here is a list of the most popular cat and dog breeds, according to Purina and the American Kennel Club. Give your furry friend a little extra love today.Wherever the action is, you can find the Singapura. Retaining much of their curiosity and vigor from kittenhood throughout their lives, this cat happily joins any activity in which their family partakes, whether invited or not. Their relentless desire to be included is how the breed came to be known as a “pesky people cat.”

Particularly talkative, the Singapura does best in a home that doesn’t mind the noise and where neighbors are out of earshot. A youthful personality also means a high-energy cat. This extraverted and playful feline will need regular playtime to stay happy.

Lovable and lighthearted, the Singapura is a perfect addition to a home looking to share a lifetime of fun.Although little is known about the origin of this fun-loving breed, the Singapura is said to be the descendant of a street cat from the island of Singapore in southeast Asia. The story suggests the first Singapura charmed his way into the hearts of an American couple. They brought the first Singapura to the United States in the 1970s and developed the breed, mixing in other brown-ticked cats imported from Asia.

Alternatively, others believe the Singapura is simply the result of a Burmese and Abyssinian mix created and developed in the U.S. Although the Singapura’s past may be fuzzy, those who know the breed don’t care where they came from — they’re just happy to have them.One of the largest purebred cats, Ragdolls have long, broad, firmly muscled, and heavily boned bodies. Their wedge-shaped heads are capped by wide, slightly flared ears — and piercing, captivating blue eyes that emphasize their loving, devoted personalities. Having a soft curvy conformation, Ragdolls don’t bear any extremely exaggerated features. These graceful cats have long, plumed tails, and their silky, flowing coats only require routine weekly grooming.