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If you take the time to examine the ingredients lists for many popular Prescription Diets for cats, you may be surprised to find that many of them include low-quality ingredients like corn gluten meal, wheat flour, and an assortment of by-products and by-product meals. In fact, it is not uncommon for prescription cat foods from Hill’s and Royal Canin to list four or five carbohydrate sources within the first 10 ingredients on the list, often before the first protein source is even mentioned. This is not to say that all prescription diets are low in quality, but you do need to be very careful when shopping for veterinary formulas because there are a low of products out there that are no different from the average low-quality cat food.

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Hi Ingrid,
One of my cats has bladder stones a few months ago, and we fed him royal canin urinary so dry food, but we actually put the dry food in water to make him drink more. And he got rid of all the stones 2 months ago. The doctor recommended us to switch to the kidney prescription food, saying that he needs both those kind of cat food. And one week ago, he had a little bit of stones again. And we switched him back to urinary so again. I wanted to know does he really need to stay on a prescription food for the rest of his life? He’s only 3 years old, and I’m afraid those perscription food doesn’t have enough nutrition to support them. And do have have any recommended food for this situation?

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Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Feline Feline with Tuna-Canned. As low as $48.99 · Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Urinary S/O in Gel Canned Cat Food. I feed my cats the Royal Canin venison and peas prescription food dry because Ernie has allergies. Ernie gets the Natural Balance venison and peas limited ingredient canned food. NB used to make a dry version, but discontinued it. The other cats get other grain free canned food. I have tried other venison foods with Ernie, but he doesn’t like them, so I continue to feed him and the others the Royal Canin. They all get more canned than dry.

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My 12 year old obese male cat is currently on Royal Canin prescription diet because he had urinary blockages twice in a month after being on a holistic diet for years. I absolutely dislike giving him the food, but it’s actually working quite well for him. He’s also lost an lb or two since we have to be hyper vigilant with his food. He wouldn’t touch the Science Diet food (which secretly made me happy). We also have an almost 15 year old Persian in early kidney failure. We were offered the prescription food, but politely declined. Keeping him eating & drinking is most important–at his age he gets what he wants!

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