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There are several different grades of catnip. Locally sourced, organic catnip is the most potent. makes this exact kind of wonderful, fresh catnip. Their product truly surpasses the quality of any other we've found, which is why Mass-produced commercial catnip often lacks both quality and potency. We've found it goes stale quickly and it simply doesn't possess the potency necessary to stimulate either Oskar or Klaus.

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Your kitty will go crazy for this super-potent, catnip-filled Cheetah Chew from Ratherbee. This fun toy is stuffed with the "world's strongest catnip". It contains 100% catnip, no fillers! And it's rugged as can be, to withstand repeated clawing and biting. Hand-made in the U.S.A., this is truly "A Cat's Mental Health Bar."

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Catnip can grow quickly and can be transplanted into a larger pot or outdoors. In this whole leaf and flower state, your catnip will last much longer. I’ve stored catnip in this state for up to three years and when I crushed a little for my kitties it was still potent and fresh as if I had just dried it. As long as it is kept cool, dry, sealed and away from kitties you can store it for some time. This way, you will always have a stock pile of your cats favorite ‘fix’ on hand.

Growing catnip for maximum potency starts at planting

The problem with most catnip is the milling process. Once the leaves are crushed they begin to lose their potency due to the nepetalactone oil being released upon the breaking and crushing of the leaves and flowers. Milled catnip is still usable as long as it is fresh however, most store bought catnip has been sitting around for awhile.

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The plant can grow up to 100cm tall and looks quite similar to min – though the foliage is more brownish-green. It produces small white flowers with pale pink or purple spots. Although it’s easy to find catnip growing wild on the side of the road, you shouldn’t pick it there and use it on your cat. It’s most likely contaminated with harmful chemicals.