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12 Pack, Colored Plush Mice Cat Toy With Catnip. Color: As Shown.

Something's fishy! Cat's will be entertained and play for hours with these awesome stuffingless fishies! Plush, soft toy - stuffed with catnip to drive your cats wild! You cat won't try to rip the stuffing out of this toy because it's stuffingless (except for the catnip)!

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is a plush sushi cat toy set made for cats with exquisite taste. Your kitties will love this colorful 8-pc set which includes four maki rolls with bells, and four nigiri sushi toys infused with potent catnip. These sushi themed cat toys are perfectly sized for batting and carrying around to provide hours of entertainment for your feline friend, and even comes in a bento-style gift box making it a great gift for your cat loving friend! Welcome to the Stuffed Cats and Kittens section of This Place is a Zoo! On this page we have several types of cute and cuddly stuffed animal cats and plush toy kittens of different sizes, positions and colors. These plush animal cats make great gifts for any child or cat lover. We have plush toy cats that are sleeping, awake, sitting, lying, or just plain floppy. You will also find some smaller sized soft and cute plush toy kittens. Many of these adorable stuffed kittens are made with kohair fabric which is very silky soft and always makes a favorite gift of small children.Munchiecat’s sushi toys are made with felt and designed to look just like real sushi. Part decor, part toy, this plush catnip-infused sushi set will stimulate your cat's natural playfulness and satisfy their sophisticated side! We also carry plenty of plush and rubber toys to keep your kitty occupied, as well as cat scratchers, which help relieve their natural need to sharpen their claws and mark their territory. You’re sure to find the perfect toys to keep your cat’s body – and mind – in tip-top shape.