This blue plush cat bed offers softness and comfort for your cat.

This gorgeous bed has a stained wood bottom and is made with a cuddly plush fabric that our cats love. Give your cats a great bed to sleep on, away from the hassles of everyday life. Our two smaller cats like to take naps in it at the same time, since it is so large.

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Premium Cozy Plush Pet Cave - Comfy Pet Bed/Cave For Smaller Cats Kittens and Puppies - Non Slip Bottom - Compact Design For Travel and Easy Storage - By Petories -- Quickly view this special cat product, click the image : Cat tower

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Boxy beds made of durable seagrass come with a large plush pillow for cats to stretch out on and nap This is our Padded Cat bed. The bed is made with a plush cuddle fabric that cats love! The curved entrance to the bed isn't centered, but is a little to the left side so that they have a nice area to lay in. Our big boy weighs 16lbs and though he fills it up almost completely, it is the perfect fit for him and his favorite place to sleep.

The fabric and stained wood bottom colors can be chosen when purchasing. We have many different combinations to choose from.

The dimensions of the bed are 18" x 9.5". The brackets are attached from the top and the bed is built to be mounted into standard 16" studs. We recommend the bed to be mounted into studs to be secure. If your studs are placed differently, leave a message in the notes when ordering and we will mount the brackets accordingly. When at least one side is mounted into a stud, the bed is very sturdy and have been tested to hold 50+ pounds.

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The Pet Essentials Plush Cat Bed is designed to surround your cat with comfort and warmth. Bed is lined with a polyester faux fur that cats love and the outer shell is a plush, soft polyester fabric.

Petmaker Cozy Kitty Tent Igloo Plush Cat Bed - Blue : Target

Cat Bed Cave. Unique Design. Cozy Pod Comes with Plush Washable Cushion. Perfect for Small Pets and Kittens. Comfortable Cat Furniture that you and Your Pet will EnjoyUltra Plush Cup: Purr-fect for cats and small dogs, the nap cup bed features a wide-brim design which will provide plenty of space for your pet to curl up in comfort and style. The ultra plush fabric is luxuriously soft and your pet will enjoy hours and hours of comfortable sleep on the tufted pillow base. This matching insert pillow base is filled with high-loft polyester fiber and tufted for extra comfort and better washing. It is also removable for more frequent cleaning of the sleep surface. Medical-grade foam rail walls support your pet's back and hips promoting a better, more comfortable rest. The rail cover is zippered and removable for easy-care washing (machine or hand). Follow wash instructions provided with product closely. Inside sleep dimensions: 14.25-inch round. Outside base dimensions: 18-inch round.Luxury Plush Igloo Pet Bed. Grey with Purple Pattern. Reversible Centre Cushion - Grey or Patterned Sides. Lovely big removable cushion inside for maximum comfort. Perfect for Cats, Kittens, Puppies & Small Dogs.Offer your cat an exquisite luxury and majestic comfort with our uniquely designed plush cat bed. Featuring a micro-suede on the outside and buttery soft plush on the inside, this bed is befitting of a royal cat. The high bolster sides offer your pet the security and added comfort it will cherish. The bed covering easily comes off so you can wash and clean it, it’s also machine washable so that maintenance is simply a breeze. At the bottom of the bed is a firm, non-slip fabric which ensures that the bed remains in position without drifting as your cat catches some fun in its grand apartment. This wonderful kitty bed is available in different colors and sizes which afford you a chance to make your choice. Your pet will love you more for this special bed. A MUST have!