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The Feliway® Diffuser will be fully functioning within 24 hours of plugging in. The effect on the cat will depend on the nature, extent and duration of the problem for which Feliway® is used. Some cats and/or some indications will show signs of improvement in less than a week, whereas some will require one month to exhibit visible improvement. In any case, we recommend continuous use of Feliway® for at least one month before assessing its effectiveness. Effectiveness will also depend on good implementation of additional advices provided by your veterinarian or behaviourist.

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Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer is a unique plug-in that splits the signal into several frequency bands and lets you mix and process them as if they were separate tracks.Each band proposes controls that can be found on a mixing console, and more: bypass, mute or solo each band separately to isolate frequencies you want to work on, adjust the gain, the "stereoness" and the position in the stereo field. When manipulating the stereo image, a master mono switch also lets you check mono compatibility.The plug-in can also operate as a multiband VST, VST3 and Audio Unit host: you can process each band independently with your favorite VST, VST3 or Audio Unit plug-ins! Up to four plug-ins can be loaded on each band, pre or post fader. Latency compensation, presets management, undo/redo integration, and individual plug-in bypass are included for optimal operation.The plug-in also proposes unique linking and grouping options thanks to our multi-instances technology. You can link bands together within a single instance or between several instances of the plug-in on different tracks. This lets a simple fader control as many bands on as many tracks as you want. This is particularly useful when adjusting the placement or the balance of several competing tracks.And as usual with Blue Cat Audio, the plug-in provides comprehensive visual feedback to let you know what's exactly going on: for each channel, monitor the spectrum, the in/out levels and the frequency response.Thanks to its advanced MIDI and automation input capabilities, when combined with , Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer is capable of advanced side-chaining features that really unveils its potential. Check out our for more details.If you are looking for a simpler plug-in to host VST, VST3 and Audio Unit plug-ins, please try Blue Cat's . If you are looking for a multiband dynamics processor that can be combined to this plug-in for side chain effects, check out the Blue Cat's . Also, any is compatible and can be hosted by this plug-in.Copyright Note: VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

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Buy 3 or 12 Comfort Zone Plug-In Diffuser Refill with Feliway for Kittens & Cats (item 29555) and save! Blue Cat's Protector is a 0 dB stereo brickwall limiter with adjustable dynamics response. It will typically find its place on the master bus of your DAW to protect your audio output from overshoot, limit the general volume and improve the perceived loudness, thanks to a very transparent frequency response.Despite its very simple set of controls, it offers a wide range of sounds and it is also suitable as a track limiter for more creative effects such as distortion, pumping or heavy limiting.Its large colorful meters and its custom dynamics histogram provide premium visual feedback and make it the perfect tool to monitor and control the dynamics on your master buss. You can also check in real time the loudness boost obtained with the limiter.Beyond its powerful dynamics processing features, and like most of our plug-ins, Blue Cat's Protector also offers a powerful side chain capability thanks to its MIDI CC output. This unique technique not only lets you do side chain limiting but also parameters modulation: control any parameter of any plugin to create powerful side chain effects in real time.If you are looking for a complete dynamics processing solution, you might be interested in Blue Cat's .

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