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For such a simple design, the TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree is surprisingly popular with its feline users. Not all cats are climbers, so the lack of platforms and high towers is not necessarily a drawback. The dangling toy is plush and inviting – not just a hard plastic ball suspended by a thin string. The two scratching posts are low enough to the ground for young kittens to reach. The base itself can accommodate one napping kitty, and the plush hammock will support larger cats. One satisfied customer wrote that her 20-pound Maine Coon spends 22 hours a day lounging in the hammock. The material used in the hammock is a plush faux fur, and many cats respond well to its comfort and insulation. This is the kind of cat tree that should be placed near a sunlit window or other stimulating location. The TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree may not encourage gymnastics or climbing, but it does deliver on comfort and interactivity.

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So there’s a good chance that you have a cat tower in your abode. But what happens when you get to a point where you don’t want a raggedy carpeted mass to be the centerpiece of your living room? I was thinking about this while perusing the high-end cat towers showcased on the website. Unfortunately, I don’t really want to splash out $500 on something that my cat Mimosa will ultimately destroy, however slick it may look. Cheaper options like floating cat shelves may work if you live in a sturdy old castle, but in an apartment building they’re likely to fall off the wall with annoying regularity (and leave behind badly-patched-up holes when you finally ditch them).

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Thanks very interesting, I bought my cat a small plastic tower and it breaks apart very easy. These look very nice. It's important to use natural ropes such as sisal or hemp to wrap the cat tower since slippery, plasticky-feeling synthetic materials like nylon aren't good. Sisal is cheap and readily available. Hemp is a bit more expensive but it is sturdier. Since you will need quite a lot of it and it is supposed to be torn up by your cats, most people get the cheaper sisal. 3/8" is the best size to use for cat items.

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Choose suitable materials for the different elements of your cat tower. Wooden cat towers are usually sturdier than those made using PVC or particle board. Big plastic bowls make cute and colorful perches, but they can split and break. One concrete forming cardboard tube 2 feet long by 12 inches wide can be cut in quarters and used to make four half-tube perches.

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