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I love the idea of the hamster ball, but wonder just how much air gets in there. When a cat is stressed its breathing rate increases. For flat-faced breeds with small nostrils such as the Persian and Himalayan this can be especially dangerous. Have you had any negative issues with these or other breeds using a hamster ball, Azoci? About how much does a hamster ball weigh? I think the open end might be a benefit to the Air Muzzle for air flow, but I haven't used one of those yet. I am NOT a fan of muzzles on cats. Ever. I need to see their eyes, their whiskers, the color of their noses. I need to be able to watch for open-mouth breathing. Just because a cat has stopped fighting doesn't mean it's calm. It could very well be so stressed it's in shock. I can only know this when I can fully assess the cat as I described. I occasionally will use a plastic E-collar with snaps, but usually only for limited, specific portions of the groom.

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Greyhound / Whippet racing muzzles are another one in this category and may well be the very best choice for general use. They are designed for maximum airflow, as a racing dog needs all the air he can possibly get.. They are a very sturdy plastic with plastic coated straps. Unlike the other plastic muzzles, made of much lighter plastic, I think these are unlikely to break. A wide range of colors, in case that matters to you. The Greyhound Large size or the XL size may well fit most Bouviers. These are also available in Whippet sizes, which can also fit some terriers. Halemar looks to me like the best brand :Cats can be a little more difficult to muzzle. Commercial cat muzzles cover the face, with a small hole in front for them to breathe through and velcro connections in the back. With a little creativity, one can create a muzzle for a cat at home. A small plastic cup can be used as a muzzle. Two holes must be made just under the top rim, small enough for some gauze or string to pass through and tie. The cup is placed (widest portion first) over the cat’s face and the string tied behind the head. This will allow the cat to see.