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There are several ways to make a previous scratching location (like the curtains or arm of the couch) unattractive to cats. Using plastic or Saran wrap on the surfaces can be quite effective, as can double-sided sticky tape. Other options include using sandpaper or a vinyl carpet runner (turned upside-down to expose the knobby feet) on furniture or on the floor where the cat would stand to scratch as cats hate the way this feels on their paws. You should strategically place your new scratching posts next to these unattractive areas to give your cat the chance to scratch an appropriate surface.

Plastic Cat Furniture

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Plastic Cat Furniture To really successfully hide a cat box, you’ll want to consider furniture built especially for the purpose. Typically taking the form of an end table or bench and made of dark stained wood, they’re a marked upgrade from a cheap plastic tray on your floor. These days, the options are varied enough that most people will be able to find something that fits the decor of their home.

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Textiles such as carpets, curtains and furniture covers are prime dust and spores locations. Cat trees and gyms belong in this category, unless they're made exclusively from plastic or a similar surface which can be wiped clean. The more textiles you can remove, sanitize and store for the duration of Operation Ringworm, the better. Don't forget to clean them thoroughly before storing them. Steam cleaning, laundering in hot water and a hot dryer, or dry-cleaning are best. People on the forum recommend a laundry additive that contains triclosan (sold as Vibax).

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