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Hi, I’m growing some catnip for the first time, and it’s been growing pretty nicely. When is it okay for me to take the leaves off the plant? It’s only been about a month and a half.

Whew ... a lot of plants and a lot of names for something that seems so simple to your cat!

Place the container where it is slightly shaded. Catnip seeds are very vulnerable to waterlogging, so minimal watering is recommended. You should water the container only if the top soil seems a bit dry. When the first sprouts appear, remove the plastic sheet. When the sprouts are nearly 2-inches, the container can be moved to a permanent location. Hanging catnip containers is the norm. They are ideal plants to be grown in hanging pots since they need very little caring. You need to water the catnips occasionally. Besides this, seasonal pinching of some leaves ensure that new growth is stimulated. This also helps to prevent catnips developing a shrub-like appearance. You can prune the leaves if the plant appears clustered. However, pruning should be kept to a minimum and done prior to the spring season. Use lightweight gardening scissors for pruning catnips.

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Bees and butterflies are attracted to catnip, so plant it where pollination is needed. The most popular catmint cultivars grown commercially in this country belong to the hybrid Nepeta x faassenii. The plants are named for J. H. Faassen, a Dutch nurseryman, in whose nursery this hybrid first appeared. The flowers of N. x Faassenii are sterile and do not need to be deadheaded to prevent self-sowing.

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Indoor catnip will not have the same potency as outdoor catnip, but your cats will still like it plenty. Be careful not to mist your plant too much to discourage mold growth. Catnip is vulnerable to pests including , , scale, and white fly. If possible, identify the infestation as early as possible and treat with the least toxic option.

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Spring is here! My tomatoes are up 4 inches and my catnip is just starting. Catnip is a plant that the West Nile mosquito is allergic to. I protect my family all I can - pills to build up the immune system and non smell repellant. Throw some catnip on the bar-b-que. All makes a safe place for outside family time fun!I don't know about growing catnip from seeds. But I bought 3 small plants several years ago and they come up every year. In fact, my catnip is already up and I just came in from some yard work and brought my 3 kitties a treat.Cats are carnivores. That means the bulk of their dietary needs are satisfied by eating meat.

Felines in the wild get carbohydrates and plant matter from eating their prey's fur or feathers and stomach contents. Domestic cats usually get all the fiber, vitamins, and minerals they need from commercial cat food. If your cat grazes on grass in the yard or nibbles on your houseplants, they may be seeking vitamins and minerals or they may be looking for an aid for an unsettled stomach. Dogs too will eat grass to help balance an upset tummy, either to firm up loose stool or as an aid in easing constipation.

Catnip is notorious for producing a particular response in cats. Although this member of the mint family is chemically similar to some hallucinogens, catnip is not toxic to pets. Rubbing catnip on a favorite toy or scratching post will lead to several minutes of playful abandon in your cats. The scent of catnip can help stimulate exercise in a usually sedentary cat.

Cat grass aids digestion and even helps remove hairballs! If you grow cat grass indoors, you can avoid the potential dangers of pesticides and other contaminants on outdoor grass. Offering sweet tasting cat grass will help keep your kitties from nibbling on your other houseplants. It can also help sweeten your cat's breath.

Catnip and cat grass are relatively easy to grow. Cat grass will thrive in just about any sunny window. You can purchase plants or seed online or at your local pet store. Catnip does well in gardens and needs little care. Most members of the mint family need more water than catnip does. Pretty much all you need to do once the seeds are planted is thin the rows and keep the weeds at bay. A bed of catnip can last several years! You can dry the leaves in your oven.Catnip for cats: It gets cats high, it makes them happy, spunky, & silly. They enjoy the plant live or dried. The buds are the most potent part of the plant. Put it into cat toys or give it to them as is. They will love you for it! Note: Kittens younger than eight weeks old aren't able to enjoy catnip, wait until they are older.