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CNW/CBC) — Gordon Brothers Group announced today that the store closing sales for PJ’s Pets & Pets Unlimited will begin nd at 27 locations across . Sales are offering discounts of up to 30% on all on food, pet supplies, accessories, and more.

/CNW/ -- Going Out Of Business Sales To Begin At 27 PJ's Pets Locations.

I was in one of the new MyPet locations in Edmonton, AB that replaced the PJ's there recently and saw probably the most disappointing things... They actually labelled their Syrians by their "cute" nicknames and even changed their prices which are a lot higher than you could at PetSmart, and the worst part was some of their merchandise for hamsters were horrible! Their wheels weren't the Silent Spinners or the Comfort Wheels, they were barred wheels and Living World Mesh wheels, which were the same in their cages. They also had food that isn't recommended by anyone here; no hazel hamster, oxbow, nothing that would be considered healthy for the little hammies. I didn't even bother asking for the employee's help as most of what they say is rubbish. Probably the only good thing I saw was that the Syrians were kept separately.

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for PJ's Pets & Pets Unlimited will begin Friday, April 22nd at 27 locations across Canada. PJ's Pets is closing 27 stores in six provinces, with inventory selloffs underway, US parent company Gordon Brothers Group reported last week. PJ's VP Brad Hamilton says he is saddened to be shutting the shops (including Petculture, Pets Unlimited, and Oliver and Pets Co) after nearly 50 years of operation. There are 11 PJ's in Ontario, with locations at , Pickering Town Centre and 3291 Yonge St (above), TO's only. The chain lost around $17M in the past three years, , blamed in part on a decision to stop selling puppies.

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"Just the regular dwarfs". Was the response of both of the employees from those two locations. I know its a pet store and you have to take care of quite a bit of animals in general, but you should know what you are selling! Especially if you get your hamsters from a breeder. When I got my hamster from pet smart (though it may not be the greatest place to buy, but all hammies need a home :3) they told me the gender, age and breed that I was getting! I also have a form that has the date as well as his information on it. So why do these two Pj's Pets places not know what type of hamsters they actually have.

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