Young Woman Turns Her Love for Her Cats into Kitty Pillows!

A cat lover turned her love for cats into art in the form of cute kitty pillows. Sarah Clark, a talented artist from Oakland, California was inspired by her beloved cats when one day a lightbulb moment went off, she started making her first kitty pillows from the face of her own cats. They were purrfect!

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We’ve all seen photos of cats leisurely lounging in flower pots. They enjoy the foliage and can curl up inside the object, which is always of utmost importance. Not enough room for the complete curl? No worries — the outer lip of the pot makes a fine pillow. Ohh — fierce jungle cat!

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This 16 inch by 11 inch woven tapestry throw pillow makes a great gift for cat lovers. The cat-shaped pillow features a gray tabby Cats make fine companions, but did you know that they’re also a great source of design inspiration too? If your favorite pet is of the feline persuasion, pay homage to their furry form with a cat cushion in their likeness. This cute project can be crafted out of mostly recycled materials and would also make a thoughtful gift for the cat lover in your life. Read on for the easy instructions to learn how to make this squee-worthy pillow yourself.

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Explanations for the kneading behavior vary, but it is without doubt an instinctive trait. Newborn kittens knead their mother’s belly as they snuggle close to nurse, and the motion is thought to stimulate the flow of milk through her nipples. One rather outdated theory proclaims that cats that knead were separated from or weaned from their mother too early, and therefore continue the kittenish behavior into adulthood, yet nearly all adult cats knead, regardless of how or when they weaned. It’s more likely that the instinctive behavior is simply comforting to cats. (Although some cats do “suckle” the corner of a pillow or blanket while they are kneading.)

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The cats on this list know they are all that and a sack of catnip, which is exactly why they demand the dog of the house provide the perfect soft pillow for them to slumber atop. We are glad these dogs are sweet enough to oblige, after all cats using dogs as pillows make such cute pictures.Cat Lover Pillows include those with beautiful watercolor paintings of cats, cat photos, and cat collages. All of them can be found on throw pillows and would make wonderful, colorful gifts for a cat person.The Catsifier™ is intended as a place for your cat to relax – to knead, suckle and unwind after a long day of prowling and doing what cats do. However, a pinch of catnip may be placed inside the pillow cover for a little more excitement!Here are a few more things I couldn’t resist for your holiday decorating arsenal! These lovely hooked throw pillows feature cats celebrating the season. There are several to choose from, and some can still arrive in time for Christmas!