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This soft and plush round petal bed is the perfect size for a small dog, cat or a mini pig that needs a little less space than a full grown mini pig bed.

Soft Pig & Sheep Pet Dog Cat Bed House Kennel Doggy Warm Cushion Basket Cute -LJ #Unbranded

Whatever dog pet bed Pig Bed Foldable Warm Nest Plush Mat Pad Cat Dog Puppy Bed Foldable Warm Nest Mat Pad Cat Dog Puppy Bed Indoor Hammock House ...
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Portable Pet Dog Cat Pig Bed Foldable Warm Nest Plush Mat Pa

Cartoon Pig Design Puppy Cat Bed Autumn Winter Warm Soft Chihuahua Teddy House For Small Dog Cats Ms. Ruttenberg’s mother frets that her daughter has put herself in the permanent zone of marriage ineligibility. But Ms. Ruttenberg is too busy making art, having fun and cooking for her animals (baked potatoes, squash, scrambled eggs with truffle oil for the pigs) to worry about it. As for the health risks of letting the animals sleep in her bed, she’s more concerned with making them sick than catching something from them.

What to Get for a New Pet Mini Pig | Life with a Mini Pig

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I had a hard time deciding what type of bed to get little Oscar.