Using Synthetic Cat Pheromones to Stop Spraying Behaviors

Anything that interrupts their feeling of control can raise their stress level and lead to unwanted behaviors. To feel in control, cats will mark their home. This marking happens when a cat rubs its face against furniture or nuzzles up against your legs. Cats leave behind an invisible, harmless, and natural signal when they rub called a pheromone. People can disrupt a cat's security markers several ways including: moving to a new home, rearranging or bringing in new furniture, new members of the household, or remodeling. These changes can cause your cat stress. When a cat is stressed, he feels the need to re-mark territory through facial marking, urine spraying or scratch marking.

Anxious cats may benefit from pheromone sprays, acupuncture or other treatments.

Feliway Spray (20ml) is an incredible product that works by closely resembling your cat's facial pheromones and contributes to an overall calmer and more relaxed sensation in your cat.

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FELIWAY® Spray mimics the natural feline facial pheromone. It provides your cat comfort and calming at home. FELIWAY® is... I recently decided to give Feliway® diffuser and spray a try with my own cats. Feliway is a pheromone-based diffuser to aid in behavior modification. (For more information about this product, please see the article.)

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Depending on the form you bought (either a diffuser or a spray bottle), this product works by releasing a synthetic cat pheromone into the air. Your cat is able to smell the friendly substance, which helps her to think, “Oh, I feel a little better.” She will need to use it for up to two or three months for the changes in her behavior to really become obvious. If her behavior has been ongoing for more than three months, then it will take her longer to respond to the therapy you’ve had going on inside your home. If your furbaby has been stressed for some reason, the pheromones help to reduce the stress she has been feeling, slowly helping her to reduce unwanted behaviors -- such as fighting, marking and scratching. Of course, some furbabies decide they like this product so much that they tell their humans they want it around permanently. It just depends on the individual kitty.

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Pheromone products come in many types, including sprays, diffusers and pheromone-infused collars. When used correctly, these products are not only safe to use around your kitties, but people and other pets as well. Use them inside her pet carrier or around your home on your kitty's bedding and at cat-level on your drapes, carpets and furniture. Allow the substance to dry on any objects you spray with it for 20 minutes before your furry friend has contact with them. This way she won't accidentally ingest it while grooming if her fur rubs up against the wet spray. Pheromone sprays contains alcohol as a base, which is toxic in any form to kitties, according to Veterinary Partner. For this same reason, never spray the pheromones directly on the kitty, warns the Comfort Zone website, a manufacturer of kitty pheromone sprays. In terms of using pheromone diffusers, only plug them into properly working outlets to prevent electrical sparks or fires.Feliway is a synthetic pheromone that can be used to prevent or stopcat spraying. Feliway imitates the pheromone that is released by catsto mark their territory. Therapy with Feliway is recommended if youwant to avoid neutering your cat, or if your cat is already neuteredbut still has spraying issues.