Your cat will love this Easy Meal Cat Dish by Petstages!Why We Love It: This fun Cat dish is a saucer shaped food bowl that helps to prevent wet food from getting stuck in the sides of the bowl. The shallow shape is specially designed to accommodate whiskers, making feeding more easier and comfortable for your kitty. The non-skid bottom keeps the bowl in place and makes it easy to pick up. Bowl is dishwasher safe. A perfect food bowl for either wet or dry food.

Petstages Easy Meal Cat Dish

Petstages easy meal cat dish was specially designed for whiskers and other similar cats. It is designed in a shallow manner making it very easy to access food. With this dish, your cats are hence able to take their meals more comfortably and calmly. The shallow designing has also assisted a lot in making it easy to consume all the food as wet food can no longer stick in the corners. The sides of the dish are a little extended making it easy to lift and handle the dish during cleaning. Its base is also carefully manufactured to ensure that it stays non-skid.

Easy Meal Cat Dish by Petstages | BaxterBoo

Petstages Easy Meal Cat Dish The Petstages Easy Meal Cat Dish is designed with a kitty’s mealtime needs in mind. This wide but shallow dish is great for both dry and wet food. It’s spacious enough to hold the right amount of food for one feeding, yet it won't get kitty's whiskers dirty during feeding time. The saucer shape keeps wet food inside the dish but prevents it from getting trapped in corners, making for easy cleaning. With a non-stick base, it won’t slide across the floor as your little tiger devours his food. Handles on either side make the Easy Meal Cat Dish easy to pick up and put right into the dishwasher after dinner.

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