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This product has a very dense/thick consistency compared to Petguard's other flavors or any other canned cat food I've tried. You can cut it with knife and it doesn't break up easily with a spoon or fork. I usually mix it with a flavor that contains more liquid, like the savory seafood.

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PetGuard is one of the few makers that produces a line of certified organic foods. That certification alone sets this brand apart from most other brands by ensuring that superior ingredients are used in these formulations. The company is family-owned and operated and sources all of its ingredients from the U.S., which is an additional plus. Not every company can make this claim, and when speaking with them directly, I got a real sense about their commitment to quality.

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PetGuard Canned Cat Food Premium Feast Dinner -- 5.5 oz - Vitacost PetGuard® Premium™ dry cat food is an ideal product for a self-feeding regimen with adult cats and kittens over 3 months of age. Since most cats and older kittens can regulate the amount of food they need, simply pour a serving your cat will completely consume during the day. This will allow your cat or kitten to nibble on the food when hungry, which is the way most cats prefer to eat.

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cat food does not contain any corn, soy, wheat, or yeast, making it a great option for cats who suffer from certain food allergies. This mouthwatering recipe is certified organic and free of by-products! Keep your cat healthy and happy with PetGuard Organic Chicken and Vegetable Entr_e Canned Cat

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I have been feeding my cats PetGuard Premium Feast for about six months and they loved it. Unfortunately, they love it too much. They appear to be ravenously hungry at all hours of the day and night. One of my cats is skin and bones and is constantly begging for food. Has anyone had this experience with PetGuard? I'm beginning to wonder what might be in there that is causing this effect. They are now up to 1/2 of a 14 oz. can (the big ones) each twice a day and they are still starving. Is this normal?I give my cats this food along with all-natural kibble, and along with organic chicken that i cook in water for them, or just alone. I love the nutrition in it, and the fact that it balances their diet, making sure they get all the vitamins, taurine, etc. that they need. And they LOVE it! I am also very happy that this food does not contain tuna or other fillers that cause cats to become finiky. I highly recommend PetGuard canned cat food.I have been feeding the different varieties of PetGuard canned for years now. Always a favorite of the dogs (and cat) and they always do so well with it in their diet. They get about ⅓ of their diet canned and the rest as a dry food. Very happy with these.We have an older cat with a few health issues (he's hyperthyroid). One thing the experts feel may be causing hyperthyroidism in cats is fish because of all the pollutants in our waters. But my cat only liked the fish based cat foods from PetGuard, until I tried this one. He loves it and I really prefer the smell of this one to the fish based ones. It actually smells really good, like beef stew or a roast... Our younger, very active cat also loves it. I trust the PetGuard name and have been feeding their foods to our cats for about 3 years now. Both of the cats are long haired, and their hair is soft and silky. Their eyes are bright and they're full of energy, even our older cat.
My only complaint is that I can't find it locally so I always have to order online.