Armarkat Cat Tree | Furniture & Towers | PetSmart

Snoopy the kitten walks on leash exploring cat trees at petsmart after he finished looking at all the fish and birds and guinea pigs for sale. He got to buy the cat tree after :)

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Kitty Mansions Mini-Amazon Cat Tree Furniture - Cat - Boutique - PetSmart

$169.99 - 10% online Armarkat Cat Tree | Furniture & Towers | PetSmart Exterior Dimensions: Overall 36"L x 36"W x 67"H Other Dimensions: Base 26"L x 24"W House 20"L x 14"W x 13"H & 14"L x 14"W x 13"H Perch: 14"L x 14"W; Post: 3.5"D

PetPals Eco Friendly Cat Tree | Furniture & Towers | PetSmart

TRIXIE's Nataniel Adjustable Cat Tree - $399.99 +$2.99 Shipping at Petsmart This is why I wanted to know how many of you liked cats. My boyfriend and I love doing DIY's and we figured that my cat needed a little place of her own. We just hate those cat trees that Petsmart & Petco sell so we decided to make her a little house... Well not so little. 3 stories to be correct. Its not totally done, still needs paint and the bottom floor's windows and such. I'd love to expand this and make it into a business. I've never seen an actual house for a cat but mine loves it. She sleeps in it every night, plays in it during the day. And her most favorite part about it is that the third story is high enough she can lay down and look out the window. Its all made of wood, currently had four window, two skylights and hand cut shingles. Feel free to inbox me if you would be interested in one or have any questions. I am going to try to keep you updated as we do more on it, so keep an eye out!

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Whisker City® Cat Tree | Furniture & Towers | PetSmart

Great Joy! I am so happy! Ebony and Sneakers like their Whiskey City Play and Sleep cat tree. I like to call it a cat jungle gym. I bought it at Petsmart. I have 90 days to return it but I think it is a winner!

Trixie Manolo Cat Tree | Furniture & Towers | PetSmart $184.99

Whisker City® Skyscraper Cat Tower - PetSmart #$111.99 in 20"L x 24"W x 65"H size. Sisal and carpet, one customer really liked but said to weight the bottom. #cat treeGrreat Choice™ Cozy Inn Cat Tower - 79.99 PetSmart 20”L x 17”W x 54”H size. great 3 scratch surfaces: sisal, rug, wood and two wonderful cat perches! #cat tree #cat perch