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I tried this brand (the dry food) when I first decided to get my boys off mainstream and prescription (byproduct filled) food. It seemed like a good food, but my cats would not eat it. And my 18+ pounder will eat ANYTHING. He would just sit there and stare at his full bowl and cry for something else. I'd be gone all day at work and come home to find the food hadn't been touched. That had never happened before. So I tried them on Pet Promise and they LOVE that stuff (wet and dry). I don't know if Pet Promise has the protein profile you're looking for, but if your Lacie doesn't like PetGuard, I recommend Pet Promise.

My cat likes “Pet Promise.” We’re going to the health-foods store today to get more!

NEW ADOPTION LOCATION! We show adoptables at PetsMart League City (next to The Arms Room) on Saturdays! 10 am - 3 pm, with a special selection of our Shelter animals :-) Please stop by soon :-[)If you are interested in adopting a pet as a gift, please plan ahead. Consider giving a "Pet Promise Certificate" (like a Gift certificate), and allow the person to select their new pet. Just go to

PLEASE DONATE! We have a regular need for CANNED CAT and KITTEN FOOD, and DOGGIE BEDDING! We receive generous donations from the community, but we are short in these areas. The best bedding isn't too bulky, because it is difficult to launder. Bedding that is THICK BUT FLAT is best - like rubber-backed bathroom rugs, or those flat beds with low padded bumpers all around. You can drop donations by the Shelter anytime we are open. You can also request a donation receipt at the front desk. THE KITTIES and DOGGIES say THANK YOU! :-[)
May 2007 - The City Council of League City approved funding for a MUCH-NEEDED Shelter expansion (we got a second bldg)!

COME OUT FOR A VISIT! You can pet the cats, and walk the dogs on a leash! We are OPEN LATE, until 6 pm, three days a week! Our hours are Tuesday - Thursday 10 am - 6 pm, and Friday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm. You can visit with the animals right up until closing, but KEEP IN MIND that if you decide to adopt, adoption paperwork must be started no later than 1/2 hour before closing time. We are CLOSED Sunday and Monday.

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Are you currently feeding Pet Promise cat or dog food? If so, what will you replace it with? I saw a few low-grade protein choices such as corn gluten meal, soy flour, brewers rice as one of the top listed ingredients in the dry food Daily Health. The carbohydrate content takes up 35.61% of the food where the portion of protein is 32.84%. Cats are obligatory carnivores that with no doubt should have food that contains more protein than carbohydrates. Compared to , Innova has 36.22% protein as oppose to 28.88% carbohydrates. Pet Promise Turkey and Brown Rice Formula canned food contains 10.5% crude protein compared to Fancy Feast's Flaked Fish & Shrimp Feast that contains at least 17.5% crude protein.

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practices, and helping to do something positive for the environment.”Have you thought about how the meat in your dog or cat's food is raised? Does family farm sourcing for pet food appeal to you? If you've tried Pet Promise, please let us know what you thought.

Great if you live alone with a dog or cat