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After you place your order online. We will then contact your vet (via fax or phone call) for approval of any prescription products you have ordered. Your vet will either approve or deny the request. If it is approved, we will fill and ship your order. If it is denied (i.e. exam needed) we will contact you (via email and/or phone) to let you know.
Any Over-The-Counter product does not need a vet’s approval and will ship within 48 hours.

Every year in the United States 5-7 million pets are surrendered to animal shelters. 60-70% are unnecessarily euthanized. Increased funding to shelters and rescues can help increase spays and neuters and decrease pet overpopulation. Pet Rescue Rx is here to provide shelters and rescues this additional funding by the purchases you make. Our business is designed to provide sustained funding for these groups, not just a onetime donation. Donations alone do not cover their operating expenses.

YES. We are located in and hold a New York State Pharmacy license. We are able to sell and ship prescription medication to every state where we currently hold a license (please see below for list of states we are licensed in). Nonprescription medications can be sold to all states, whether we are licensed in that state or not.

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Save on leading pet prescription medications and pet meds such as Rimadyl, Deramaxx, and Trifexis A signed and dated prescription from a licensed veterinarian. The prescription should indicate how many tablets per day the pet will be taking. If your pet's veterinarian did not indicate the daily dosage, a pharmacist will be contacting your pet's vet before shipping the medications.

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We are happy to offer new pet prescription service. In order to have your pets prescriptions filled at our Canadian pharmacy, search for the pet medication or follow the link below and print the pet information forms. For holistic pet remedies, search the store.

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