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The “tricky true and false” basically summarizes why I’ve never bought pet insurance. It feels overwhelmingly complicated and as with all insurance, it’s hard to determine if the cost will be worth it. These charts are really helpful, though. I know what my biggest concerns are with my dog (a feisty pit bull), and this breaks down how I should go about shopping for a plan.

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We know that price is likely to be the major factor in your choice of a pet insurance company, but so many variables affect premiums that the only way to estimate your cost is to request a quote from each provider. Company A could be cheaper for your pup than Company B, but the reverse could be true for your neighbor’s dog. Age, breed, health, and location all influence rates, meaning there’s no such thing as a typical pet insurance candidate or a typical premium, though the in 2015 was $464/year.

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The Trupanion Breeder Support Program works with dog and cat breeders to offer 30 days of pet insurance coverage at no cost to you or your buyers. Dang I can’t believe PetPremium’s cheapest plan is just over 9 bucks. That is insanely cheap! There’s no excuse for anyone not to have pet insurance! I’m still shopping around but I think Petplan is right for my cat Luci. She is a maine coone and I think she’s starting to show signs of thyroid dysfunction… heard it can get pretty darn costly for treatments. She is 5 years old. Has anyone else used Petplan before? I like that alternative therapies are covered with this one too.

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Cat or dog insurance cost can vary significantly by company, even if you get quotes for the same pet, in the same location, with the same deductible and reimbursement options. One pet insurance company might be twice as expensive as another!

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ASPCA consistently offered some of the most affordable pet insurance in all of the cities we tested. If you’re interested in purchasing a basic level of coverage for your dog or cat, the Level 1 plan makes a good choice. It only covers accidents, but that’s what makes it significantly more affordable than many other policies out there. With this policy, your pet is protected if she or he suffers a serious injury that requires medical treatment. It covers all costs including hospitalization and surgery costs up to $2,500 per incident. In addition, ASPCA has three more levels of coverage available that offer higher benefit limits and coverage for illnesses and behavioral therapy as well. These plans are obviously going to be more expensive than the Level 1 plan, but they could be good choices if you want more comprehensive protection for your pet. Statistics show that pets will require unexpected veterinary treatments at various times over their lifetimes. There has been tremendous progress in veterinary medical care. Your veterinarian is a highly skilled expert with the ability to practice the latest medical techniques that may be required to return your cat to good health. If you have pet insurance, cat care costs will be more manageable and you can provide the high quality veterinary care that you want for your feline friend.