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Keep your pet safe and silence noisy tags with the Twigo Pet ID Tag Silencer Pocket for Cats & Dogs. This lightweight silicone cover helps protect metal tags from mud and rain and does away with the constant jingling every time your pet moves. The self-attaching loop makes it much easier to fasten to a collar than traditional split rings that can pinch your fingers. Use the included ballpoint pen to write important information like your pet’s name, your name, address and phone number on the back. Next, you’ll boil the tag to keep the ink from running. If you need to change the information, simply erase it with rubbing alcohol and re-boil. There’s a smile-shaped opening for you to insert metal tags up to 1.5 inches. This versatile tag silencer can be worn in several ways to fit tags of all shapes. You can use the silicone loop, or you can cut it off and use the loop on the metal tag to attach it to the collar. The Twigo Pet ID Tag Silencer is great for travel and for everyday use to make sure your cherished pet always returns home.

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Diamond Drag engraved custom dog tags are permanently engraved using a diamond bit that plows into the metals surface, removing layers of the material to provide contrast. No toxic laser chemicals, ink, chrome plating or coloring is used on our pet id tags for the safety of your pet. Diamond Drag Engraving pet ID tags for dogs and cats on Stainless Steel will give you a long lasting durable pet tag.

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Scalawags is proud to sell engraveable Red Dingo Pet ID tags for dogs and cats If your pet continually loses her tags, does not like to wear a collar or tags, or you want a backup to an ID tag, we recommend having your pet microchipped. Contact your veterinarian to see if microchipping is available. Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are injected like a vaccination between the pet’s shoulder blades. To be most effective, the microchip should be registered with a national organization and your contact information kept current. Most shelters scan all cats and dogs that enter their facility.

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Believe it or not, dogs aren't the only pets that can be outfitted with ID tags. We have made ID tags for all kinds of pets like cats, goats, cows and sheep.

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