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Skip the bath and freshen up your cat with the Pet Head Fizzy Kitty Mousse Cleaner. Because your no-fuss cat needs a no-rinse way to get clean, this mousse is the perfect solution. Simply massage it into the coat, fluff with a towel, and comb through to get the freshest results. Absolutely no water needed! Your cat will be purrrfectly clean, and you’ll want to drink in the yummy strawberry lemonade scent. Suitable for all cats and coats and especially for long-haired breeds, it’s made in the USA with completely safe and kitty-friendly ingredients.

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If you have a close relationship with your cat you can head bunt them back or simply offer your forehead, scratch their chin, pet them on their head or talk sweetly to them.

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Pet Head Crazy Cat Lady Litter Box Room Fragrance, 5.9-oz Deodorize Litter Boxes Pets have emotions and feeling just as we do, they get headaches, the feel pain and not only do they feel theirs, they feel ours. We recently lost our dog very suddenly, Nov 13th, he showed little signs of being ill, but we noticed he started to be quiet, going off to the hallway, then he threw up a couple of times. We took him to the vet, blood tests, when they came back, his blood work was haywire. So the did an X ray only to find our little fluffy Shti Tzu filled with a tumour the size of his torso, we didn’t come home with him, we had to do the kindest thing and beak our heart, or he only has a few hours maybe and that would be excruciating for him.
The try and hide their illness from us.
We had to out him to sleep (euthanize) on the anniversary of our sons death… I think he was trying to hang in there for us, dedicated to Neil and Riley xoxo

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From the severity of these potential causes, you can see why it is incredibly crucial to get your animal to a Veterinarian immediately. Most of these causes affect the animal neurologically. That being said, while head pressing may be one of the most blatant symptoms, a pet owner should also be aware of other behaviors that could indicate these serious underlying issues, such as:

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Fuzzy Family - Pet Grooming Brush, for Dogs and Cats With Long or Short Hair - Dual 2 in 1 Pin and Bristle Quick and Easy to Use With Swivel Head for Extra Comfort - Pink >>> Visit the image link more details.Pet Head Cat Dry Clean Spray Blueberry Muffin 15.2 oz - PH10331. Get fresh in a flash! This spray on non-rinsing shampoo from Pet Head cleanses your cat's coat without water. Also perfect for trips or just a quick freshen up between baths. Has an irresistible Blueberry Muffin Fragrance.Pet Head Inc 5.9 Oz Crazy Cat Lady Litter Box Spray #homegoods #homegoodslamps #homesgoods #homegoodscomforters #luxuryhomegoods #homeandgoods #homegoodssofa #homegoodsart #uniquehomegoods #homegoodslighting #homegoodsproducts #homegoodscouches #homegoodsbedspreads #tjhomegoods #homegoodssofas #designerhomegoods #homegoodswarehouse #findhomegoods #modernhomegoods #thehomegoods #homegoodsartwork #homegoodsprices #homegoodsdeals #homegoodslamp #homegoodscatalogues #homegoodscouch…Human lice need human blood to survive; dog lice need dog blood and so on. Therefore, if your child comes home from school with a diagnosis of head lice, your dog, cat or other pets in the household are not at risk of catching the lice or hatching eggs. Conversely, while lice are not common in dogs and cats, the species of lice that live on dogs and cats are not able to live on humans.