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Halloween is October 31. Here are 30 cute and clever costumes for dogs and cats, featuring store- and home-made pet apparel for the scariest night of the year:

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Halloween is right around the corner — do you know what your pet will be this year? If not, don’t fret! We’ve rounded up eight of the best DIY costumes for both dogs and cats. You’re sure to find something spook-tacular no matter your skill level (or your pet’s tolerance level, for that matter). Just click on the links for detailed instructions.

Pet Halloween costumes at Spirit

Click here to see more amazing pet Halloween costumes for cats and dogs! People love to dress their pets up in costumes. Normally the pets either tolerate it, or downright hate it. Here are some of the cutest, craziest and funniest cats in costumes you’ve ever seen. While Halloween is not even close, there are still people in their home right now dressing their pets up, for no other reason than to simply amuse themselves.

We have dog costumes and cat costumes perfect for Halloween

Depending on how patient your cat is, some of the dog costume ideas may work for your feline. And certainly the cat costumes can work for your patient pup. But if your family pets are anything like my three cats, you may have to resort to the tried and true Photoshop costume for your Halloween portrait!

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It's just as much fun to dress up your cats and dogs for as it is to dress up yourself! That's why eBay found the cutest, funniest, and most delightful costumes for your furry friends. Because they deserve some Halloween fun too. Discover below traditional Halloween costumes like witches and pumpkins, but find other hilaroius items like a sushi chef, Star Wars characters, Pokemon characters, and Batman. Just hover over the costume you love and click to be instantly directed to your furry friend's costume listing. Enjoy Halloween with your pet this year; just don't be surprised if he is the life of the party!Unfortunately for cat owners, nearly all of the pet Halloween costumes in this list are for dogs. Finding cat Halloween costumes just isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Perhaps that is because cats tend to be less tolerant of being dressed up! Nevertheless, there are links to a few cat Halloween costumes mixed in here as well.