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This is why pet costumes for cats are not always the best idea. This cat dressed as a taco does not look amused. But he looks so cute you could eat him up!

All new pet costumes for Halloween 2008. Dogs, cats, and all your favorites dressed up!

And there you have it, a wide variety of horribly embarrassing pet costumes. I'd have included some pictures of pets other than cats and dogs, but it seems there's not much of a market for costumes for your ferret, sea monkeys, or red-bellied chinchilla. I guess there's not much good in putting a costume on a pet that doesn't leave the house. Although come to think of it, there's not much good that comes from dressing up ANY pets. No, no good. Only evil. Pure, black as pitch, carrying a gun to school, letting the terrorists win EVIL.

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Want! Christmas Cat Costume Hat - The Christmas Tree Hat for Cats and Small Dogs - Christmas Costume for Pets Get your pets in on the Halloween action! We've got costumes for all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, hedgehogs and even tarantulas. We can't guarantee your pet will tolerate wearing a costume, but they'll definitely be lots of fun to make. :D

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About 23 million people will dress up their pets this year, according to the (NRF). Americans will spend a scary amount of money on Halloween costumes and accessories for their dogs and cats. Sales are expected to hit a record $350-million dollars, up $30-million from last year.

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Halloween is just around the corner and for pet owners it’s just another excuse to dress your furry friend in a pet costume. Pet costumes for cats are especially funny because the poor things really hate being dressed up in anything. Pet costumes for dogs are a lot more common. But some cat lovers were brave enough to risk the wrath of their beloved cats and make them wear a pet costume. Below are some hilarious photos of pet costumes for cats.#PIKACHU! Transform your #pet into one of the most iconic characters in television history! Everybody who’s anybody knows who Pikachu is; so don’t be surprised when your guests adore your precious pet in this cute Pikachu #costume for #cats and #dogs! #petcostumes #ilovedogsA picture is worth a thousand words. If this cat could talk, it seems like he’d be saying “No you did not make me wear this ridiculous pet costume for cats!” What do you think it’s thinking?Proctor, owner of Villa La Paws in Castle Rock and a consultant to pet entrepreneurs, says pet owners must make this their cardinal costume rule: “If the dog looks miserable, he probably is.” For those pets, just use a festive bandana instead, she says. (Cats generally have less need to please owners and will make their disdain patently obvious.)