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As if parents of young children didn't have enough things to worry about, here's another: Some scientists say they think pet cats might increase a kid's risk of developing schizophrenia.

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The condition of your cat’s skin is an indication of her overall health. When a skin problem occurs, your cat may respond with excessive scratching, chewing and/or licking. A wide range of causes—from external parasites and allergies to seasonal changes and stress, or a combination of these—may be affecting your cat’s skin and should be investigated. Skin problems are one of the most common reasons pet parents seek veterinary care.

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Maximum two (2) pets per individual per year. (2 cats or 2 dogs or 1 cat and 1 dog) Walker said the cats were collar-wearing, well-groomed pets, not strays or feral cats, although some were outdoor cats. All of them had been either neutered and spayed before the shaving incidents, he said.

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If you regularly interact with cats, it’s important to understand how not to approach them just as much as how to approach them. Even if a particular cat has been friendly towards you before, there are signs to watch out for that will tell you the cat’s not enjoying the petting.

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John Bradshaw is a and the author of the new book . After observing pet cats for several years, he's come to an intriguing conclusion: They don't really understand us the way dogs do.How stressed a lot of pet cats can be without their owners realizing it, and how much it affects the quality of their mental lives and their health. Cats don't [always] get on with other cats, [and people don't realize] how much that can stress them out. Other than routine visits, the most common reason cats are taken to vets is because of a wound sustained in a fight with another cat.It's better to be safe than sorry! Check out Dr. Phil Zeltzman's top 10 signs your cat could be sick! #cats #pets #vet Also click the photo to be directed to the full article! :)The JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet cats look, feel and sound like real cats. But they're so much more than soft fur, soothing purrs and pleasant meows. These cats respond to petting, hugging and motion much like the real ones you know and love but don't require any special care or feeding. This personally rich experience can bring joy and comfort to aging loved ones without any vet bills to worry about.

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