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Cute Sleeping Cat Casket The Pets Remembered Cute Sleeping Cat Ashes Casket is unique, as unlike many other pet caskets, this cat urn one is suitable for exterior use. Perfect to pop in the garden on your cat's favourite spot. Alternatively the cat ashes urn is equally at home in an interior set...

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A Durolon plastic pet coffin for any animal burial will be impenetrable from the earth's elements. Made in the USA. Our Faithful Friend Series Pet Coffins for Cats, Dogs Or Other Pets are the perfect solution for the burial your beloved pet. The Golden Frost® composite material, used in the structural design of the casket, is non-biodegradable, resistant to air and water and rated at maximum strength. Our Air-Seal Burial Vault design is based on the scientific principle that trapped air forms a lasting seal. Knowing this, gives pet owners the "Peace of Mind" confidence they have provided the best for their beloved pet. The Faithful Friend pet coffin is available with an interor of white, pink, or blue crepe or velvet material.

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Biodegradable Pet Casket - XS - for dogs, cats and pets - Mainely Urns Pet caskets can be used in a cemetery, garden, or back yard. Making the final resting place for a pet one can provide important resolution and closure. Pet caskets are available in many sizes to accommodate nearly any size of common pet like dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc. There are no specific dog caskets or cat caskets. Caskets are selected by the size of your pet.

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This elegant beige double-wall pet casket is suitable for cats, dogs, and other beloved animal companions within the size ranges listed below. Features: - Non-biodegradable, air-tight, and water-tight

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Pets add beauty and charm to our lives. They are our constant companions through thick and thin. Their cuddles are huge stress busters for us after a long day’s work. So, losing a pet is one of the most sorrowful moments for us, undoubtedly. We cannot undo certain things in life. Yes, we cannot bring our pets back to life; however, the least we can do for them is to set a good resting place for them. This is where pet caskets play a big role. Pets give us their all, isn’t it? As a token of gratitude, it is our duty to choose dog caskets or pet caskets with great care and caution. The following article will give you an overview about choosing the right caskets for your beloved dogs, cats or other pets.We offer a wide variety of pet keepsakes, urns and caskets, for cats, dogs, birds and other small companion animals. Keepsakes and urns are returned to you with your pet’s cremated remains inside. Caskets are used for burials in our pet cemetery in Sherwood. Below are some of our most popular keepsakes and urns. Shipping and handling charges apply for all products.