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Egyptians commonly mummified their family pets, especially black cats, while the Ancient Greeks associated cats with godliness, and believed that , the goddess of hunting, often took the form of a cat.

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I have more than a few cats in my home, and find it a little quirky that the ones who are continually on my lap when I sit down are the 2 blacks and 1 tuxedo. I have other colors, but for some reason they are the “lap cats”. I do have one other tuxedo cat, but he was feral and is slowly coming around. Although they all love to be petted and played with, it’s odd how they don’t seek me out to lay on my lap like the blacks/tuxedos. Not that I’d have any room left on my lap, lol.

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I think black cats are cute to have as a pet around the house and have a playmate to play with. Did you know that shelters report that black cats and dogs are most often overlooked because of their color? They are the last pets people choose to adopt because they are black. I couldn't believe it, but sadly it's true.

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I realize we're all attracted to certain colors. But the next time you want to adopt a cat or a dog, don't judge them on the color of their fur. Please don't overlook the black ones. Take the time to learn the pet's character and heart, after all, isn't that what's most important. Color doesn't matter to our pets. You could be missing out on a pet that can turn out to be very special and give you years of joy and love.

Pet Calendar: National Black Cat Day

But a vast swath of researchers and adoption workers maintain that the issue is both prevalent and real. “For whatever reason, black animals don’t catch people's attention as much," Humane Society worker Tyler Stover told a . His shelter has gone to great lengths to mitigate the problem, offering black pets at 50% discounts, and even giving them away for free on Black Friday.Others have pursued creative means to end “pet discrimination.” Fred Levy, a photographer, launched the , a photo series intended to highlight the oft-overlooked beauty of black dogs and raise awareness of their adoption neglect. Boston-based non-profit offers an adoption service exclusively for black cats, and informs potential adopters of their merits.For many years, I have volunteered my time and my home, as a for local Humane Societies and Pet Rescues. About 15 years ago, when I received a call to foster a lonely, little kitten with a severe upper respiratory infection, I of course, took on the job. As soon as I saw him, I knew that Batman would not be returning to the shelter. He was my “foster” who immediately warmed my heart. I fell in love with him on sight. And so began his new adventure as my new black cat.…I have experience giving shots, administering subcu fluids and the like to cats. I'm the sole proprietor of Black Cat Pet Care, and have been in business for more than 12…