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Persians shed down their winter coat and then their summer coats. They semi-shed pretty much around the clock in some climates. When they begin this shed-down, they can go from NO knots to total matt in a matter of a few days. When you notice this shed-down, please brush out the old coat completely and THEN bathe the cat to avoid a sheep's skin hairdo.

Not all brushes and combs are good to use on a persian cat. Do not use brushes or combs designed for dogs.

As your Persian coats your house in cat hair, you may briefly entertain the idea of redecorating to match his coat's color so his shed hair isn't as obvious. Put away your work gloves and grab a comb instead. Brushing your Persian's coat daily removes much of his shed hair, keeping it from floating around your home. During his heavier shedding seasons, comb him even more often to keep up with the hair loss and prevent mats. This dramatically reduces the amount of hair you need to vacuum and keeps your cat looking nice. Win-win.

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Even though Persian cats and kittens shed primarily in the spring and summer, you should brush them every day, year round. Smoothing fur with steel grade brushes is a fifth tip for Persian cat grooming. Because Persian cats have the most fur out of any type of cat, they require stronger brushes to penetrate their fur deeply and remove their undercoats. Leaving the coat healthy and limiting shedding are central parts of paying attention to your Persian cat, so brush the coat deeply until the undercoat has come out to maximize your grooming session and relish in your cat’s beauty.

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While all cats need to be brushed regularly to maintain healthy coats and to reduce hairballs that can cause intestinal blockages, Persian cats need more grooming than the average cat. Their long hair can form knots and tufts easily, and their eyes produce tears constantly. Both must be addressed regularly.

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The best way to remove tangles is to comb your Persian’s hair everyday, every other day, or at the very least, once a week. The comb I use is pictured below, I do not use a brush. Gently run the comb over your cat’s coat until the hair comes out looking shiny and healthy. Preventing matting with strategic combing is one tip for Persian cat grooming. Because Persian cats have several areas on their bodies, such as around their armpits and behind their ears, that are prone to matted fur, they’re likely to suffer from irritation and infections if the matting isn’t prevented in the first place. Brushing through the entire coat is a key part of taking care of your Persian cat, so comb through his or her coat with a wide, metal comb to carry out your grooming session and improve your cat’s comfort.