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Pandora the Persian Cat is the perfect accessory for Pandora's Box Lottie Doll, as she loves cats. Looking after a pet is a rewarding experience as Lottie finds out but it can also be hard work. Children can benefit hugely by learning to be kind and caring, as well as gentle. Lottie learns her skills at the Branksea Animal Shelter where she volunteers to help look after the homeless cats and dogs.

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Cats for sure are very pretty indeed. If you have a female cat and that too Persian, then you have all the rights to charm her into a beautiful lady. The is for your cat to wear. This beautiful very girly necklace will make your cat look prettier. Another very girl accessory is the ; this will add an extra charm to your lovely cat. Another very charming collar is the which will certainly make the male cats turn their heads. Add a bit more charm to your cat with which is perfect for pet shows and cat beauty shows.

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