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When you have more than one cat in your home, the addition of cat tree increases the chances of living in harmony because cats of higher status can claim the highest perch. If the relationship between a couple of cats in your home is very tense, the ability for the higher-ranking cat to move to the high perch on a tree can be enough to let the other cat know who is in charge here. The ability to claim vertical territory may reduce the number of physical confrontations and tense stand-offs.

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For those who want to permanently affix a perch on the window for their cat, this wraparound cat shelf is a great option. The cat shelf can be custom fitted to any window in your home. Long and sturdy, this shelf holds up to 100 pounds, so a crew of cats can hang out and bird watch together.

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Add carpet to a shelf for a great perch. Plus, don't you love this cat's striking green eyes? A good perch is one of your cat’s basic necessities. In the wild, cats perch up high to stay safe from predators, hunt prey, and generally keep a close eye on everything that’s happening around them. Perching helps them feel safe and confident while also providing exercise and opportunities to stretch. Cat trees are great, but they aren’t right for every home. If you live in a small space you may find yourself struggling to provide the kind of vertical space your cat craves and needs to be healthy and happy. Here are 5 space-saving cat-approved perches that’ll fit purrfectly into your home.

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now this looks like a perch / home for the royalty. And we all know that cats are royal! Perfect place for kitty to spy, play and be adored. i just love this design. Amen


The Cat Window Perch is an ideal resting area for cats because it offers the outdoor view from almost any window surface. It is also beneficial for senior and arthritic cats due to the orthopedic foam, which helps with joint inflammation and stiffness.If there's one thing every cat owner knows, it's that cats love window perches and heated beds. Have you ever wondered what features these items have that make them such popular cat accessories? Window perches and heated beds offer the following benefits for your cat:The Heated Cat Window Perch is designed to remain 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature and warms to your cat's normal body temperature when in use. It is ideal during the winter for senior and arthritic cats because the warm surface helps to relax muscles and reduce joint inflammation and stiffness. Please note the Heated Cat Window Perch does not get hot. For a mobile solution, almost any cat condo or climbing tree can serve as a window perch. Move your cat’s favorite climbing tree in front of a window or glass door and voila! You have a comfortable, portable window seat, without any installation hassles.