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Simba is a sweet guy who was rescued from a deplorable, hoarding situation. He spent six years living in a small space with other cats. No kitty bed to sleep on, no clean air to breathe. Despite this existence, he is a very sweet, laid back guy. He is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly when he gets to know you. Simba needs that special forever friend who will finally give him the love that he deserves. He is healthy, up to date on all vaccines and is now looking so handsome. To submit an application on Simba or any other Paw Prints kitty, . (JM)

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The vet imprinted my cat's paw prints for me when she was put down. I bought a shadow box and put in some scrapbook paper and mounted the clay. I love it

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Cats walk with their claws retracted, so a feline paw print will show no sign of them Now, via medievalist Emir O. Filipovic, evidence that cats have been up to this same mischief for six centuries: inky pawprints, gracing a page of the 13th volume of "Lettere e commissioni di Levante," which collated copies of letters and instructions that the Dubrovnik/Ragusangovernment sent to its merchants and envoys throughout southeastern Europe (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia etc.), according to Filipovic -- sort of a 15th-century . The particular document that the cat got its paws on dates to March 11th, 1445.

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Spend enough time with any animal and they'll leave a lifetime impression with you. Our "Cats Leave Paw Prints On Your Heart Forever" signs concisely share this sentiment. Each of these wood cat signs measures 4" long and 3" tall, so they are the perfect size to fit in juat about anywhere. Designed as a box, they have a 1.75" width to them so they can be displayed freestanding or hung on a wall.

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In 1983, two Scottish fold cats in Minden, Nevada, took up a residence at the Douglas County Public Library and left their paw prints on more than just the bookshelves.This boy is one of the kindest and gentlest cats his foster has ever had. He gets along with other cats so well but is often picked on by some. He's so laid back and passive and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is very food motivated. He doesn't like to be picked up but loves to surround you with his presence. If you would like to submit an application on Barnaby or any other Paw Prints kitty, .Paw Prints is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the population of homeless cats, kittens, dogs and puppies through foster care, medical treatment and adoption into forever homes. We receive no government funding and greatly appreciate tax-deductible contributions from animal lovers like you. Paw Prints makes a lifetime commitment to every animal that we rescue. We never want these animals to be homeless again.
Tearing up leather sofas, shredding blinds, and making their mark in freshly poured concrete, cats have been having a blast destroying our things for centuries and this 2,000-year-old paw print proves it!