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A new satchel exists that allows cat owners to take their with them to places in serious style. The bag (which comes in backpack, roller, and cross-body styles) is ventilated and completely safe for cats, and just happens to be see-through, allowing cats to see the sights and for the sights to see the cats. Yes, we know that a lot of pet carriers are mesh and allow pets a gauzy view of the outside world, but what we love about these bad boys is that it makes it look like your cat is looking through a porthole window. Really, is there anything cuter?

Every cat needs this, honestly perfect. GO PACK GO! Omg I need this for my cat!!!

What a challenge Dr. Kim Everson faced as a guest judge for the Fond du Lac Public Library’s Packer Pet Parade! Friendly festive hounds strut their stuff at the library for an array of prizes. Winners awarded in the following categories: Most Enthusiastic Packer Fan, Best Use of Green & Gold and Most Like Lombardi. A colorful pooch from a family of poodles took Best of Show.

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book seller, warehouse packer, cat walk model, sales rep, retail manager, music teacher, academic Cat Mother and The All Night Newsboys was co-founded by Roy Michaels (b. February 25, 1942) and Bob Smith (b. July 7, 1942) in the fall of 1967. Michaels had previously been playing with and in the , prior to the formation of . Initial members were Bob Smith on , and , Roy Michaels on vocals and , William David "Charlie" Chin on vocals and , Larry Packer on guitar and , and Michael Equine on drums and guitar. was also initially associated with the group, on violin, and rejoined the group for their second album. Core band membership consisted of Michaels, Smith and Equine.

'Big Cat' Williams sparkled for 1972 Packers

That is my boyfriend his name is Ben die hard Packer fan we have a yellow lab named packer... Anyways I found the cat inside the stadium it was scared and helpless so I picked it up took it to security and we told them we didn't mind holding it until the end of the game. They said that was fine and we went to our seat where my boyfriend offered to hold the cat for me while I went to the restroom.

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Packerland Veterinary Center is a full service veterinary clinic offering care for dogs, cats, birds, and many other types of animals. Packerland Veterinary specializes in Orthopedic Services such as Cruciate Ligament Injuries, Hip Dysplasia, Shoulder Conditions, and Arthroscopic Surgery. For a full listing of Packerland Veterinary Center’s services .When a pet food company chooses to produce a product, they essentially have three options: 1) manufacture it themselves, or choose a co-packer who will either 2) use a private label or 3) manufacture the food to the specifications of the brand.The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the nation's leading organization promoting drug policies that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights. This week we talk with Cat Packer about sensible drug policy reform and how you can help this upcoming election.Meet Ha Ha Kitten-Dix, who is named after Green Bay Packers first-round draft pick and former Alabama Crimson Tide safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, . Van Groll is also co-owner of a semi-pro football team called the Wisconsin Ravens. Kitten-Dix follows in a long line of pets named for Packers -- most recently the family's cat Jordy, named of course for Packers receiver Jordy Nelson.