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The most common culprit in pain-medication-induced canine liver damage is acetaminophen (Tylenol). This is possibly the safest over-the-counter pain killer for humans. Not so for our furry buddies. Almost all nonprescription human painkillers are toxic to dogs. Veterinary painkillers can cause liver damage in your beloved pooch, as well. Like all ingested chemicals and toxins, these painkillers get cycled through your pet's liver. When your pet is overdosed, the liver can't get rid of the painkiller fast enough so it sustains damage. This is called toxic hepatopathy. To prevent painkiller-induced liver damage, never treat your doggy with a human medication, never increase a dosage of doggy meds without your vet's guidance, and have her monitor any long-term pain medication (such as for arthritis).

Some dog arthritis pain relief medication can be bought over the counter

In addition to prescribed and over-the-counter medications, some dog people swear by natural remedies for pain. Known as complementary or , natural remedies show mixed results, but can be a great help when used alongside western veterinary medicine.

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The only over the counter pain medication you can give dogs is aspirin Played a little too much soccer, weekend warrior? Spent too much time digging in the yard? Headache slowing you down? No problem! There’s always an effective over-the-counter pain-control medication that will ease your aches and get you back into the game. Seems reasonable to cut the dose down and give a pain pill to your cat or dog, doesn’t it?

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Seeing your dog in pain, is probably one of the most frustrating experiences us pet owners can ever experience.

Especially if you don't have the opportunity to drive to the nearest veterinarian or your dog gets sick after opening hours or during weekend or holidays. There might not even be a 24 hour veterinary clinic near the place you live.

There are several reasons why your dog have pain. It can be caused by inflammation, conditions such as arthritis or other health problems in aging dogs. Before jumping into treating your dog with your own prescription pain killers, make sure you monitor the behaviour of the dog first.

It is not unusual that dogs eat all kind of stuff, and you see that they even eat grass to provoke a vomiting - that's is their way of curing them self.

Before you consider using pain medication for your dog, you need to be very careful! - not any kind of human painkillers can be given to dogs. There is a reason why humans need to consult a doctor, as well as pets needs treatment from a veterinarian.

Using human medicine, can cause chronic damage such as kidney or liver conditions or even failure.

It is not enough just trying to be careful about the dosage, you need to know what kind of medicine you can use, and how to dose the medicine based on the breed and lb of body weight.

Always consult a vet first, so you would know if the medication you are going to use is safe for dogs or if serious side effects might occur. So if it is an emergency, call your vet in order to prevent problems or serious side effects.

So what is considered the best pain meds for dogs?

Pet Vitalix Mobility Care is a natural over-the-counter pain medicine product you can give your dog. It can be used out of the box, and you don't even need to consult at vet, before giving to your doggie. Just make sure your read the instruction about how it should be used.

You never know when your old dog would suffer from either pain or inflammation or another serious condition, and as a pet owner it is your responsibility to treat your best friend if needed.

So for your own convenience I suggest you click on the link, and read some of the reviews of other dog owners. You never know when you need need pain medication for dogs for your old best friend.

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