Cat enclosure outside with toys and box.

Built in perches enable the cats to observe the outdoor in a comfortable place “above” the bustle of the world. The addition of a bird feeding station safely outside the enclosure can also provide much enjoyed visual stimulation for your cats.

DIY Cat Enclosure for Indoor Cats that Wanna be Outside Cats...HAVE to have this for my cats.

If you want to keep your cat outside, you may want to check this outdoor enclosure with a cutout round hole for entrance. The frame is crafted of wood and quality metal sheets, giving you a durable piece that lies on 2 wooden planks.

Cat enclosure outside with toys and box.

DIY Cat Enclosure for Indoor Cats that Wanna be Outside Cats...HAVE to have this for my cats. The nice thing about outside cat enclosures, besides the fact that they keep a cat safe, is that they come in such a variety. Most have some type of built-in shade protection, too.

Outside Cat Enclosures | Outdoor enclosures

The deluxe Cat Enclosure wire mesh has larger 2″ x 3″ openings, best suited for adult cats.(For smaller 1″ x 1″ mesh holes more suitable for kittens see our .) Please contact us for shipping quotes outside of the continental US.

Cat enclosure outside with toys and box.

Of course not. Some of the concerns a cat owner has about a cat being free outdoors still apply even when outside cat enclosures are used. For example, cat flea control must be used, but that is easily accomplished by using Frontline Plus for Cats or Advantage for Cats. Of course not everyone can build such an elaborate cat enclosure but there are many other ideas on how to keep your cat safely contained. You could build a more simple cat run or have one built for you. That could mean anything from enclosing your patio to keeping your cats confined in their own yard by means of a cat proof fence. Maybe a series of cat tunnels starting at your house, and eventually leading to an outside cat house would be more suitable for you.Finally your indoor cat can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors with revolutionary SunCATcher Outdoor Cat Enclosures. They allow your cat to come and go outside as she/he pleases and bask in the sun's natural rays without the fear of escape!There are several Australian companies who build cat enclosures and cat runs. Cat tunnels are also a great way to let your cat outside. Netting is another option. You can use the special cat netting to enclose a patio, the side of the house or anywhere you require. Links to the professional cat run and cat enclosure builders are on the main page.Cat runs built outside your house, maybe enclosing the side of your house may be an option. Go to the main page to see Adrian's cat enclosure and find out how to put this cat run option into practice. This is such a good idea to use space that normally would be wasted.Outdoor cat enclosures provide a great solution to an ongoing dilemma. The statistics are in. We know that indoor cats live longer, healthier lives. But they desperately want to get outside!