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I always felt bad about keeping my cats inside but I also know that there are so many dangers awaiting them outside. We happen to live in an area where there are numerous busy streets and also an outdoor shooting range. Unfortunately a lot of people hate cats and do unspeakable things to them. So as they reached the senior citizen stage, I couldn’t take it any longer because I felt so bad about them never lying in the sun, breathing the fresh air, watching birds, squirrels and butterflies… so I started to think. After searching the net I saw that there are several professionally made outdoor cat cages and some home made ones. And I started to wonder if I would be able to do the same in our small neighborhood without it sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s not the prettiest design decision to have a chicken wired enclosure in your back yard and I’m sure a lot of my neighbors thought that I had finally lost it. I certainly got enough questions about what the heck I was doing now in our backyard (you can see more of our garden). It took me pretty long to come up with the exact plans and materials on how I was going to build the enclosure. I had many trips to Lowes and Home Depot to look around for what type of wire mesh, hardware and wood I was going to use. I started with drawing out some plans and after finishing the cage and comparing the childish looking plans to the actual cage, I came pretty close to what I dreamed of doing. I wish I could find them so I could post them here to show you.

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There's a new trend ()since she sheds) for outdoor decorating: catios, a patio for your cat. These enclosed cages let your cats run around outside in your backyard.

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Outside Cat Cages I know that a wired cage isn’t the prettiest garden design but now my furry children are finally able to enjoy spring, summer and fall with us outside. I love seeing them enjoy the outdoors. I hope I’m not the only one out there that is cuckoo for animals and goes to great measure to make the furry children happy. Did you ever do anything crazy for your pet? Well, thanks for stopping by fellow webbers and if you liked this post and my cat craziness, then I would appreciate it sooo much if you’d show a fellow cat lover some support and like my .

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And it was when I saw Panther’s battered body on the side of the road that I knew letting Pouf outside any more would be too dangerous. Old Harlot’s success is rare and unlikely, and her life does not show that cats in my area can safely go outdoors. It shows the rare exception among dozens of mangled ears and frostbitten paws and crushed skulls, and all the ones that simply vanished, possibly to coyotes. Pouf can get used to staying inside or in a cage outside, or she can expect to have the same end that most ferals have. I will not cling to her evolutionary history, she will be staying inside.

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There's a new trend ()since she sheds) for outdoor decorating: catios, a patio for your cat. These enclosed cages let your cats run around outside in your backyard.: and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat shirts, cat socks, and other cat apparel by tapping the pin! Allowing your cats outside access to feel the breezes, see the birds while safe within window enclosures, cat cages. Remember that balls and catnip toys can only hold your cat’s attention for a limited period of time before he figures it out…..he needs interaction .