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i have four outdoor cats one is 2 and is momma to the otehr s one is 9mo.s he's her big boy and protects her and the twins and the other two are 3-4 mo.s The babies verry protected by momma and bubba, today i made a warm kitty box useing a tote and Straw also scatter straw in nooks and crannies they like to get in in my grage My garage isnt heated and i'm on a limited budget Very limited but anyway i bought a bale of straw and have two sides and the top of the sheleter incased in it Straw on top straw in small Bundles against two sides the box is on four layers of cardboard to keep off the cement floor and i even maede it with a back door for escape problem they arent useing it and it is really cold to night we had a sleet storm today i cannot heat the garage not practical as it is old and the doro dosent close right leaving a three inch gap at the bottom kittys use to get in and out but it is a wind break for them tehy like curling up in my husbands work chair a old metal office chair with upholstered back seat and arm rests instead of the box how can i make the warm kitty box more appealing? I dont want my babies freezeing though they are feral and i can only touch the nine month old and one four month old and only a storke or two they are loved and well fed with room temp watter at least once a day I try for twice but their are times its not possible any advice on getting them to use the shelter ?

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Insulated and Heated Large Cedar Outside Cat House. The Large Cedar Outside Cat House , big enough to accommodate two cats, is individually hand crafted with the high quality workmanship, from cedar wood, which is the wood of choice for long-lasting outdoor use. The large cedar outdoor cat house is insulated with Thermal-Ply insulation, placed inside the floor, walls and ceiling. This not only keeps your cat warm in winter, but gives it a cool place to relax during the heat of the summer.

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Heating an Outdoor Cat Enclosure in the Winter with rope lights. Use an insulated cooler for cat house. - Diy heated igloo for outdoor cats cuckoo4design. 1000 ideas about heated cat house on pinterest insulated cat heated cat pod 2 doors outdoor cat house heated by stabob on etsy . 1000 ideas about insulated cat house on pinterest outdoor cat 1000 ideas about insulated cat house on pinterest outdoor cat shelter outdoor cat houses and outside cat house. Diy heated igloo for outdoor cats cuckoo4design insulated box for stray cats with heated pad inside. How to build a cozy low cost shelter for outdoor cats catster. How to build a feral cat shelter for the winter catster a shelter and a heated water bowl can be lifesavers for feral cats in the wintertime photo via new york city 39 s urban cat league . Feral cat shelter options instructions to make or purchase feral cat shelter options instructions to make or purchase outdoor shelters for quot community quot cats lots of options some will give you instructions. Cat house. Diy warm winter cat houses pet project insulatedcondoshelter. Diy warm winter cat houses pet project styrofoamshelter.

Nov 27, 2013 - This is the 4th winter that it comes around

I still wished they had a warmer cat house. During January of 2014 we had the Polar Vortex with lows of -20 and wind chills of -35. My husband and son designed a fairly large heated cat house with a large window for them to see out. It was insulated with . To heat the cat house, a light socket was installed and a was used. To cover the bulb an old paint can was painted black and holes poked all around it. The bulb put out a lot of heat. I kept a thermometer inside and it stayed above 40 degrees. Of course I worried about the light bulb and the chance of it catching on fire or the chance of it burning out. I decided to upgrade to the hound heater. It is used in outdoor dog and cat houses and has a temperature controlled setting. I purchased the . This product is amazing. We had another terrible cold snap with -15 and wind chills of -30. The heated house did not drop below 30. My cats love this. Here are a few pictures of it this season with one showing the inside of the heated house. To see other pictures please see my site. Here is a to a blog post with directions on how to make the heated house.

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