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Care for you kitty with indoor & outdoor heated cat beds and pads, self-warming pet beds, filtered water bowls, and other quality cat accessories.

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The K&H Lectro-Kennel™ heated pad has been around for over 40 years, so you know you are getting the best in an outdoor heated pet bed. This product is used by breeders, dog owners, cat owners, turtle rescues, veterinarians, clinics, zoos and others in order to give pets extra warmth when needed or help animals during recovery.

How We Made Heated Outdoor Cat Shelters - Cats In My Yard

Animals Dog: Kandh Electric Heated Pet Bed Warmer Indoor Outdoor Dog Cat Bed Electric S/M/L BUY IT NOW ONLY: $78.9 Hi Found your article. Thanks. I have 4 outdoor cats who were/are young when I brought them in to heal from illness. They were getting "fixed" thur Cat Welfare and had to be well of course. Now it is cold and I feel like a very mean person having to return them out into the weather. I have the dog house for them which I will fill with straw. There are other shelters on the property where they live that I have filled with straw. I feed them at the same time twice a day that I feed their family already outside. I have been caring for this colony for a year and half since their care person passed. But she didn't neuter/spay them and with my care they multiplied. I am trying to take care of that and have done most of them. I don't want them sick again, nor do I want to lose them. Will they be warm enough, and will they find their own shelter such as I have found them in my basement since the landlord doesn't keep up this property? I don't want to invest this much emotional time to these kitties but darn it, they get to ya.

5 Ways To Keep Outdoor Cats Safe in Winter - Catster

We recently moved to the country where we absolutely love it. It's our first winter here - we're in Manitoba and get the coldest of cold. I'm astounded by the number of unkept cats around here - all little lost boys and girls. One in particular has chosen our back door for refuge but for now my choice is not to keep a cat in the house. I've browsed through the above thoughts on helping outdoor cats survive through winter and have made what I think is a suitable bed. I used an old Coleman cooler (I had 3!) - what insulates better than that! I cut a hole for entry, and lined it with a fleece blanket using a glue gun. It stands upside down, and it will be easy to intermittently open it up to check the heating pad on low inside an old pillow. I put it under our deck - the spot the cat chose initially because as well as being very protected it is also right by the return air outlet from the basement. I'll follow your feeding tips and hopefully pussy will keep warm in the cooler!

There is enough room inside for food, water and a bed