Let’s face it. Some cats need more than a few cat towers to climb on. They need space, outdoor exercise and plenty of mental stimulation. As a result, outdoor cat cages are your best option. Let’s briefly discuss a few of those pressing questions you may have about purchasing an outdoor cat cage for your cat towers.

Outdoor cat enclosure with real tree cat tower... because I'm an overprotective crazy cat lady ;)

You have three adorable, active cats who love to play, climb and bounce. Since they are still young, these cats have an exorbitant amount of energy. You hate leaving them in the house all day long by themselves when you are at work. More than once you’ve come home to torn up drapes or knocked over plants. You’ve given your pets cat towers to play on and even a cat scratching post, but still it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep these rascals entertained and out of mischief. You’ve been considering getting an outdoor cat cage. This would be a perfect place for your cat towers and other cat furniture.

cat Furniture by Feline Snoozers - Cat Trees

Cedar Outdoor Crystal Tower Cat Tree - Outdoor Cat Condo Price: $399.00 You can use a small hair-blow dryer or a pet dryer, if you have one. Most cats will be terrified by the loud sound of the dryer. So try to make this experience as pleasant as possible. Hold your pet in a towel as you gently dry his fur. Some cats may prefer to sit on their outdoor cat condos while being blow-dried.

Under normal use your Feline Snoozer cat tower will last a lifetime

After rinsing your pet, wrap him in a towel and rub down his fur. You may want to let your pet run back into his outdoor cat condo for a few minutes where he will feel safe. Once he’s had a short break, you will need to blow-dry his coat. Although you can allow your pet to air-dry, this is not recommended unless the weather is extremely warm. If you allow your pet to stay in his outdoor cat condos with wet fur, he could catch a chill. So it is always best to make sure he is completely dry before allowing him to go outside.

Feline Snoozer towers can be used outside

Whether you are an animal shelter, humane society or animal sanctuary we know cleanliness is top prority. With Feline Snoozers original PVC cat towers, we nailed it! Under normal use your Feline Snoozer cat tower will last a lifetime. AND... Feline Snoozer towers can be used outside. The fabric we use on the cat beds is the very same fabric outdoor furniture is made with. Our cat towers can withstand all the outdoor elements.The Kuranda Cat Tower is made of furniture-grade PVC pipe and a heavy duty 40 oz vinyl fabric. Easy to clean and extremely durable, your cats will love climbing the levels of our towers for years!. Add the fleece pads for a cozy cat experience! Great for indoor or outdoor use, UV resistant materials and stainless steel hardware. Manufactured in the USA.♥ DIY Cat Stuff ♥ DIY cat tree made from an old wooden ladder, outdoor carpeting, left over wood and jute wrapped around the bottom for a scratching post. Hammock is just material and a towel. Super fun, cheap and easy to make! I was a bit disappointed when I opened the box. This is NOT Kuranda's fault at all--totally my mistake for not paying closer attention to the description of the material used for the cat products. I have three other Kuranda pet beds, but those are dog beds and made from a wonderful mesh material. This tower will be outdoors in Florida and I think the mesh would have been much cooler and also would have dried more quickly after one of our afternoon showers. I'm sure Kuranda felt the heavy vinyl was more appropriate for cats. I'm going to keep it anyway. I still love Kuranda products.