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Is this ok to feed to Senior cats? I have three seniors, one overweight adult cat and two kittens. Is is difficult trying to keep the Senior, Adult (reduced calorie formula) and the kitten food separated so that everyone is eating what they should be. It would be easier just to feed one food. By the way, the seniors have no health issues.

Hello Joseph, so far I have only reviewed Orijen Cat & Kitten formulas, American and Canadian.

We feed Orijen Dry Cat food to our two American short hair kittens. Even when they tire of the flavor of their wet food (we use Wellness and Natural Balance), they consistently enjoy the Orijen. My wife and I are happy with the high quality meats used in this formula. While it is expensive, it is well worth it. We order it from a pet food warehouse that has discount coupons that nearly offset the shipping cost. Only downside, is we cannot find it in any pet food stores – online only.

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Orijen Cat and Kitten Formula Wellness Core Original Formula Fish & Fowl Adult Cats & Kittens Cat food formula has good fats such as flaxseed and salmon oil, which helps your cats maintain healthy skin. This cat food does not have meat by-products, artificial colors, corn, soy, preservatives, wheat or flavors. The first five main ingredients are chicken meal, de-boned chicken, de-boned turkey, whitefish meal and herring meal.

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Many consumers seem to have great results when feeding their cats Orijen brand dry cat food. The Adult Cat & Kitten formula is both easily palatable and digested by all cats. The clear list of ingredients, and the lack of any filler ingredients also contribute to the positive consumer reviews. The 6 Fresh Fish also scored highly with cat owners, though some cats were actually deterred by the strong fishy smell of the food. The main complaint by many purchasers of Orijen brand cat food was the high price. Though this is most likely due to high-quality ingredients, it still presents an expense barrier to pet owners.

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For some cat owners, Orijen Cat and Kitten Formula is the holy grail of pet foods. It's made in the company's Kentucky kitchens using regionally sourced, responsibly produced ingredients that are delivered daily to be crafted into a meat-rich, grain-free food. But it's still a dry cat food -- which some experts say is not the best alternative for cats. Read our ingredients and we think you'll agree: Orijen Adult Cat & Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food is a naturally delicious way to keep your cats and kittens healthy and strong, ensuring a longer, healthier life regardless of their age or breed.