This option is ideal for pets sensitive to topical products

May cause skin and breathing issuesMD Maximum Defense is also an oral flea treatment for cats containing Nitenpyram. It is quickly absorbed in the animal's system and gets right to work. The powerful ingredient works quickly to kill adult fleas before they lay new eggs.​By biting the animal who has been treated, the fleas ingest the blood tainted with Nitenpyram and become paralyzed resulting in almost instant death. Within 30 minutes of administration to the cat, fleas are dead; however any unhatched eggs that were present before giving the treatment still remain.Because of its fast acting results, this cat flea pill is recommended for cats suffering from flea allergies as it almost immediately causes all biting to stop.The medication is effective for about 24-48 hours and has no residual effect. It should be administered daily to combat new infestations.This product can be given safely to cats over four weeks, and the product is safe for both cats and dogs weighing 2-25lbs.It can be given in conjunction with other flea pills for cats containing Lufenuron such as Program in order to treat both adult fleas and larvae.​

It is a flavored, oral medication that is effective against fleas and ticks for three months

There are a variety of different types of flea and tick medications, including topical treatments, oral medication and flea and tick collars. To be effective, the medications rely on chemicals that paralyzes and/or kills fleas or ticks at their various life stages, said Susan O’Bell, DVM at the MSPCA-Angell Animal Medical Center. Common chemicals found in these medications include permethrins, fipronil, amitraz and diatomaceous earth that are responsible for killing the bugs before they can lay eggs on your pet’s skin.

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Overall, NexGard is extremely effective against both fleas and ticks, making it the best choice in oral chew medications for flea control Oral flea and tick medications are pills or tablets that treat and prevent infestations. Afoxolaner, fluralaner, nitenpyram, spinosad These medications are absorbed and secreted into the sebaceous glands. The ingredients are neurotoxic to the insects. Most products are given as a flavored pill, though some pets may require you to hide the medication in another food product. Pets do not need to be isolated from other pets or children after administration. Varies from once a day to once every 12 weeks. Use as directed. May cause vomiting in some pets. Less commonly seen side effects are , itching, excessive salivation, or rarely, seizures. Make sure to give the dose appropriate for your pet’s weight and species. Should not be given to pets with an allergy to pork as pork proteins are often used for flavoring. Fleas: Capstar (for daily use), Comfortis, TrifexisNote: Sentinel contains an ingredient to stop the development of flea larvae but does not kill adult fleas.Fleas and ticks: Bravecto (every 12 weeks), Nexgard, (for monthly use). Image: / via

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I will never feed my dogs any pills for fleas again. After reading this forum post I went ahead and researched this and there are so many things that ca go wrong with such a “regular” pill. Most of us will not even wonder how dangerous can an oral flea medication be.

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