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For security, there are a number of one-way doors, which allow cats and dogs out, but nothing in. This design can help prevent burglars from using doggie doors to gain access to the home. Other pet doors are even more ingenious, using a special key that the dog or cat wears on its collar. This key allows the cat or dog entrance into the home, but no other animals, so Fluffy or Fido can't invite any of his friends in for the night.

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The "baby cat" is 7 and has 2 thumbs on each front paw. When she was a tiny kitty, I encouraged her to learn how to use her thumbs (DUMB, STUPID cat mommy!). I showed her how to hold things, pick them up. Well............ she learned. And she figured out how to open the kitty door "inward" (when it was unlocked). Then we went away for ONE NIGHT! One lousy night! And came home mid-afternoon the next day (less than 24 hours) and here's two kitties romping in the yard, running up to greet the car. They were locked in!

PetSafe® Big Cat Large 4-Way Cat Flap.

Tomahawk E70D Cat/Rabbit/Opossum One Way Door w/Rear Sliding Door : Quickview If the pet door locks one way only, lets your cat go out freely but only allows your cat back in if wearing the collar, then it will stop other cats and animals from entering.

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Many people don’t realize that wall-mounted cat doors are even an option. However, wall-mounted kittie doors can open up a world of possibilities because you’re not limited to human doorways for where your pets come and go. Wall mount doors give your cats their own entrance and exit that can be customized to meet their and your needs. They easily accommodate ramps and steps. They also allow for limiting your cat’s access on one side or the other of the door – a crate on the inside, a fenced-in area on the outside… you are only limited by your imagination!

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Where can you install your cat door? Cat doors can go many places that dog doors cannot! Cats are much more agile than dogs, so usually all sash (up and down closing) windows are safe bets for cat doors! Usually if you need to add something, it will just be a step on one or both sides and the cat can jump the rest of the way. Though maybe not for the most timid of cats, the Endura Flap in the Thermo Sash 3e is a great option as the Endura Flap is flexible, which can be more favorable for pets, and the entire unit is extremely weather-proof compared to similar products on the market. There is also the option to have the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door in the Thermo Sash, which is perfect for homes where intruder animals are a concern! The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door can use a collar key OR your cat’s already embedded microchip to grant access to only the cats you choose to allow inside. No more neighbor cats or other critters!This ultra creative cat door has a vintage look which will make your visitors say "wow." The creator constructed this clever from a mini porthole window and nautical equipment. With a few unique supplies and some handiwork, she was able to create an original cat door that you just don't see every day. If you're inspired to make your own, you can create your own DIY porthole cat door by using one of these .You just need to cut a hole to the proper size and install the port hole. This is great for indoor passageways.