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The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box cleans your cat feces and urine just in a minute without the scooping task. Inside the litter box there is a grill that filters out the clumped waste, directing it to the pullout tray.

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assembly, or by reinforcing the clips with some tape. Another drawback is that some cats track litter out of the box and onto the floor. Omega makes a paw-cleaning litter mat that fits perfectly under the entryway of the cat box. The Omega Paw Paw-cleaning litter mat is designed to remove litter from a cat’s paw. It’s made from a durable soft plastic, with little nubs that dislodge litter so that your cat doesn’t leave a trail of litter behind. It’s easy to clean and is a fun paw shape that compliments the Omega Paw perfectly.

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free shipping Omega Paw Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Regular Roll Kitty Pewter Scoop Automatic When I saw these Omega Paw litter boxes in the store, I thought they sounded like a really good idea, but I never bought one. I kept going for the tried and true litter pan with the tall hood for privacy and aesthetics. However I inherited one of these boxes when I adopted an older cat who came with all her own food, litter box, and stair steps because she is a really short cat. I have been thrilled with the steps. The new cat went crazy over the cat food I was feeding my guy and never looked back at her old food. The litter box? I'll just say that I think it is a great idea, but it doesn't work with all litter types, and the one I use is one that doesn't work well with it, so I have to lift the lid and scoop it out just like the other litter boxes I use for my 4 cats, and it is more of a challenge to scoop litter from it because it wasn't designed for scooping. It was designed for rolling. So if you use a typical clay litter, then you may be happy with the box, but be sure you have lots of room to maneuver so you can roll the box without running into anything.

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The Omega Paw self cleaning litter box is ideal for homes with multiple cats. This unit does not need any electricity to work and hence no electricity charges and break downs. You can save money and your time by using this self cleaning litter box efficiently.

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