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As you might expect from the name, this is a good remedy for vomiting problems. Known in humans as an excellent hangover remedy, it has great application in cats for chronic vomiting and suspected ingestion of foreign objects. (Nux-v has helped my patients expel such delicacies as baby socks and chicken bones as well as some world-class hairballs!) Nux-v can be used for spasms or cramping, as well as for constipation. It soothes irritated tummies as well as simply irritable cats. (Nux-v patients tend to be very grumpy and want to be left alone.) Nux-v comes from the same plant as the well-known poison, strychnine.

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For dogs or cats who are withdrawn and irritable, give Nux vomica 30c every thirty minutes for a total of two treatments.

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Jul 6, 2007 - Nux Vomica 6c – Use for cats that acts moderately ill and want to be left alone or are hiding. No food 10 minutes before or after treatment. Cats with inflammation of the stomach, pancreas, or intestines may vomit. Ingestion of excessive amounts of hair in cats who overgroom may also result in an upset stomach in cats. Foreign body ingestion is another possible cause, especially objects that cats find attractive such as rubberbands, tinsel, and dental floss. Dietary/food hypersensitivities may develop in a cat of any age and may also result in vomiting. Cats with acute vomiting often benefit from food restriction for 12-24 hours to allow the digestive tract inflammation to subside. Following this short fast, introducing bland baby food diets for a few days such as turkey or lamb baby food can be helpful. It may also help to give cats at a dose of 2.5 to 5 mg once or twice daily to help settle a sour stomach. For cats with suspected hairballs, products such as and are often given. Lubricants including cod liver oil may also be used to soften foreign materials or hair in the stomach. Homeopathic remedies useful in cats with acute upset stomachs include Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, and Arsenicum Album. If one remedy does not help within 12-24 hours, then change to a different remedy. Cats with worsening signs and/or symptoms that persist for more than 24-48 hours should have a full medical examination before further treatment is tried.

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Other important remedies for constipationin cats are:
- Alumina: here, we see constipation without urging. This can be so severe thatthe stools need to be mechanically removed. Everything is dry, the stools, theskin, and the mucous membranes. The mental picture is that of dullness andconfusion.
- Nux vomica: characterised by constant unsuccessful urging. On the otherhand, there can be diarrhoea as well. The mental picture is that of extremesensitivity to external stimuli – the animal can become very quickly irritated.
- Opium: characterised by constipation without urging, combined with anaccumulation of stool in the intestine. The mental picture is that of dullness,as though drugged. In the history of a patient needing Opium, one can usuallyfind a severe shock, after which the complaints have started.

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