Nutro Max Chicken Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food 16lb

Nutro Natural Choice Grain Free Salmon & Potato Adult Cat Food is a gluten-free formula with no grains for cats with sensitive systems. Salmon is the fist ingredient and is a rich source of essential fatty acids and amino acids to help adult cats maintain lean, strong muscles. Potatoes and split peas offer nutrient dense carbohydrates for all day energy and easy digestion. Advanced anitoxidants support a strong immune system and high levels of omega fatty acids promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Nutro MAX CAT Senior Cat Food - Roasted Chicken Flavor (6 lbs.; Chicken)

NUTRO™ dry cat food includes high quality poultry or fish as the first ingredient and other wholesome ingredients for a superb taste. Our recipes include the necessary ingredients for a complete meal, rich in nutrients and full of flavor.

Nutro Natural Hairball Control Dry Cat Food 14lb

My cat skipper loves nutro cat food as soon as put it down she will eat it all gone yummy meow bye Nutro Grain Free Adult Cat Salmon and Potato Formula is formulated with 0% grain to reduce the likelihood of food sensitivities in cats. This gluten-free formula contains nutrient-rich, non-grain carbohydrates to provide all-day energy and help aid digestion. The number-one ingredient is salmon, which is a rich source of the omega fatty acids that promote strong muscles and healthy skin and fur.

Nutro Natural Wholesome Turkey Dry Cat Food 6.5lb

MAX Cat Food is available in a variety of flavors and formulas that deliver premium nutritional benefits and great taste, even for the most finicky eaters. It’s uncomplicated, natural nutrition at a great value. MAX Cat products are made with select ingredients and the vitamins and minerals your cat needs for its health and wellness. With the taste of real chicken, your cat will find MAX Cat products irresistible! MAX Cat products provide rich sources of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids to help provide for a rich, glossy coat and supple skin. And because Nutro is committed to giving your cat the highest-quality, safest food available, every recipe is made right here in their own U.S. facilities.

Nutro MAX CAT Kitten Food - Roasted Chicken Flavor (6 lbs.; Chicken)

I tried the Nutro brand of canned cat food because my cats were getting sick of Natural Balance. After 2 cans each over 2 days they all had diarrhea and my 16 lb cat named Stinky developed pancreatitis. She is now at the vet's office getting IV meds. It is very bad and as of today they don't know for sure if she will be OK. I should have read more about your products because I see I'm not the only person who has experienced severe illness in their pets from your product. Obviously you could care less that you are selling a bowl full of death. I plan to review your awful food everywhere I can to prevent others from this issue as it is also obvious you do not care about your customers.Cats naturally prefer what’s best for them. NUTRO™ Cat Food contains high quality protein and wholesome ingredients for superb taste and nutrition.NUTRO Cat Food is a company that offers premium cat food with a variety of flavors and textures to cats in all life stages. Tailored by the experts at The Nutro Company, it contains natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients to deliver the high-quality nutrition cats need to stay happy and healthy. With no poultry by-product meal, soy protein, rice flour, corn, wheat or vitamin K3, NUTRO Cat Food is free from many of the ingredients that are known to cause allergies in cats.I'm shocked. After years of feeding and recommending your product as a high quality cat food and bashing other companies for using corn gluten meal, I was set straight by someone who asked me to read the ingredients aloud. I plan to change my cat's food and find a healthier replacement that does not use an unhealthy filler as the second ingredient. I'm very disappointed in Nutro.