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I have two cats. I converted to crystal litter a few years ago after getting irritation from the dust of clay litters and having a bug problem with an all natural litter. I prefer Fresh Step blue crystals. However I cannot always get to BJs so I decided to try this litter out since I can get it delivered to my door. It basically works as well as Fresh Step in that it doesn't track and contains odors. You also get more for the money. Might cats use it without a problem. However, the blue crystals in it or purely for decoration. They don't indicate when the litter needs to be changed as claimed. Also I am not crazy about the fact that it is white. You can see that it is soiled. The blue crystals of Fresh Step kind of mask this until it is closer to the time to change the litter. Also the litter pieces are much more coarse and large. I use the durable silver litter scoop. I generally scoop out the waste and significant amounts of urine on a daily basis. With the Fresh step I can shake off the unsoiled litter. With this stuff I can't do that. So I end up throwing out more usable litter. So I get more for the money but I waste more. This will be my back up litter. I would consider it perfect if they changed the color and perhaps refined the crystals a little bit more. I really wish Petfood direct would sell Fresh Step.

I have prepared a list of the best non-tracking cat litter 2017 available. Check out the chart below to have a brief idea.

In this article, we are going to show the top three best non tracking cat litter product on the market and why this type of litter should be used. Cats make wonderful pets but the one drawback with cats is their litter box, especially when they track litter across the floor. Litter tracking is one of the most common complaints heard from cat owners. It seems that no matter where you keep the litter box you find litter in your living room, the bedroom, or the kitchen. How does your cat manage to track litter everywhere? The answer to that question is that the litter sticks to their fur and paws after using the litter box. It can also be scattered across the floor because it is a cat’s natural instinct to “dig to China” in their litter box and then when they walk through it, the cat brings it to every room in your home.

is also dust free and ensures no tracking.

Catches litter around litter box Prevents litter from tracking around house Inhibits the growth of bacteria odor on litter mat Non-skid backing Apart from the little smell of walnuts that comes out when you pour it, there is nothing else to dislike about this litter. It clumps well, scoops easily, low tracking, perfectly controls the cats’ waste odor and is dust-free. There is nothing more a cat owner or the cat needs. Just this.

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Finally, someone has created a cat litter mat that's actually big enough to catch all that mess! The deep grooves in this mat also help brush off kitty's paws as he leaves the box, so there's less embarrassing (and disgusting) scatter being tracked around your house.

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